Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fabric Folding Kool-Aid

Last year a book came out called Create Your Perfect Quilting Space. I bought the book hoping to get my sewing studio (as she called it; not sewing room) organized. It is full of information about setting up your room, ergonomics, and all sorts of other good stuff. However, the one organization tip that has changed my quilting life is her technique for folding fabric.

I showed my friends. They just stared at me. Terry, who once owned a quilt shop and has lots of fabric, laughed and asked, "So who wants to come over and help me to that to all of my fabric?" A few days later Terry called me. She said that she tried the technique on one piece of fabric that was laying across her cutting table. Then she said that her OCD kicked in. I knew then that Terry stopped everything else she was doing and folded all of her fabric!!!! She said that she timed it and it took her 24 hours. Wow.

I thought since I inspired Terry that maybe I should inspire my Quilt Guild. I am the President, afterall, and I should give them techniques to make their sewing spaces more beautiful. With this technique not only is your fabric folded in beautful little stacks, but you save a ton of space. This gives you room to buy MORE fabric!!!

I gave the demonstration at the guild's business meeting during our Mini-Lesson time. Their eyes glazed over, and you could see the wheels spinning in their heads. They couldn't wait to get home and reorganize their fabrics. I can't even tell you how many of them went home that day and folded fabric. People found things they forgot they even had!

If you would like to learn how to fold fabric, Monica has invited us to come and take a drink from the kool-aid. You'll be so glad you did.


  1. Drink up, drink up! I'm enjoying your blog Amanda and thanks for the linkie love!


    PS... can't wait to see some photos!

  2. Hi Amanda !

    The blog is looking great ! Can I put your blog name on my "fun blogs to visit" list yet? Hmmmmm......

    By the way -- I'm putting "fold all fabric the fabric folding kool-aid way "on my "to-do" list. HA !!!


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