Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Dozen Delecious Dazzling Desserts

This is so exciting! Holly Holderman of Lakehouse Drygoods invited me to be a part of her Blogable Feast. She has asked 12 quilt related bloggers to post their favorite dessert, and the project they are currently working on. How fun is that??? This will be great for you because not only will you get recipes for twelve delicious desserts, you will also get to see new ideas, and be inspired to make a quilt or two!

This is how it will work...Starting September 14, go to Holly's blog. She will tell you whose blog to visit that day to get a Dazzling Delecious Dessert recipe. Each person is to post photos of their dessert, the recipe, and photos of what they are working on whether it be a quilt, a new fabric line, or some other exciting quilting idea.

Let the fun begin! As Holly says, "It's all about the food." Yummmmm.

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  1. WOW Amanda !!!! That IS EXCITING !!!!! I'll definately check in on Friday to see your project and dessert !!!!


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