Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Off and Running Away!

Yes, that's right...I'm running away to my favortie quilting retreat, Runaway Quilters. Three of my friends host this event every year, and have for the past 21 years. People from Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, Georgia, Alabama, come to take quilting classes, relax, and have a great time.

Runaway Quilters is held at a Convent in the rolling hills of Kentucky. I love it because I don't have to travel far, and it is so peaceful and beautiful there. It's fun to sew with my friends, to see friends I have made, and to make new friends.

Part of the fun, too, is that my friends and I sleep in a dorm. It's one big room with 12 beds. It's like one big slumber party! We all bring a quilt to cover our bed. Here's mine. It's a Turning Twenty made with novelty prints of sewing notions.

I found this cute print of women who love to sew. Terry and I had fun trying to figure out which of the characters looked like our friends. We laughed when we saw this one. It looks just like Terry and me. Terry is the one with the pony tail and a lime green shirt. There's me with a pink dress on, a coffee cup, and dark curly hair.

Along with my quilt that I made, I also made a pillow case, and I borrowed a cute little flower pillow from my daughter.

And, since we are in all one big room together, and we have been known to wander outside of our dorm to socialize or do some late night sewing, cute pajamas are a must have! I just love the pale pink leopard print.

When I get back, I'll show you what classes I took, and of course, pictures.

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