Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Sewing Retreat

This week I am going away for a few days for sewing friends annual Christmas Sewing Retreat. We usually go to our friend's cabin (huge, 5 bedroom house) on a lake. This year we are decided to do something different, and go back to Mt. Saint Josephs. We'll sew all day and night, crash under our Christmas quilts in our dorm, laugh and giggle, and have a great time like we always do!

We each bring our own projects to work on. Last night I stayed up until 2am getting my project ideas together. Boy did I get a lot done!

Here's what I got together.

1. I started making my husband's nephews a twin size baseball theme quilt three years ago. There are 17 baseballs on each one to machine applique. I am appliqueing the baseballs before I go because I don't want to spend my vacation appliqueing baseballs!

2. A red, green, and black circle quilt for my oldest daughter. Her new home has the red, black, and lime green theme throughout her house. I thought this quilt was contemporary and fun for a young woman. I think she'll like it. I bought a lime green and black butterfly batik at Hobby Lobby for $2 a yard for the back. I love bargains like that!

3. My little grand babies love to cuddle up and watch Nascar. Yes, they are HUGE Nascar fans. Their favorites are Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. They love to watch movies, too. I thought a quillow and a matching pillow case would be adorable for them. A quillow is a quilt with a pocket on the bottom of the underside of the quilt. When they are all cuddled up with their quilt they can put their sweet little feet in the pocket to keep warm. When they are finished with their quilts, they will fold their quilt up, slip in into the pocket, and it looks like a pillow!
Here's one sort of like it, but it will have to be on a smaller scale. I am using "Car's" fabric for the boys, and a bright floral for my granddaughter.

4. I am making me a Christmas wall hanging that Pat Sloan designed. It is from her book Quilt Through the Seasons.

5. Every grand baby has a signature quilt for their first Christmas. Everyone they see during the Christmas season signs their name on the quilt. It's really a neat idea that Terry (BFF) had when she started getting grand babies. This one is going to have Gingerbread Men and Peppermint Candy! It is designed by Terri Christopherson (Barbara Brandeburg's sister). It can be found in this book! The one I am making for my grandson is smaller. People can sign their names in the peppermints!

It looks like I have enough to keep me busy while I am there! For right now I guess I better get back to appliqueing baseballs! Maybe later I can show you which Christmas quilt I decide to take on my trip with me!


  1. Well I'm sure you'll have a wonderful retreat with your friends. It sounds perfect. The quilts all sound great...happy sewing!

  2. Have a wonderful time at your retreat . . . looks like you will have plenty to keep busy - can't wait to see all that's done when you return *s*

  3. Amanda, have fun at your retreat. And I love the gingerbread quilt!!! Very cute!!

  4. Just found your blog. Wow, it sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time. I hope you will post your progress.


  5. I love the gingerbread and candy wallhanging. Very cute!! Your quilting retreat sounds like the perfect time to get things done right before Christmas.

    Visiting for the first time and saying HI!

  6. Your sewing retreat with your friends sounds like so much fun. I really like the red, black, and lime green blocks. That would be a fun way to use some of my holiday fabrics.

  7. Hi Amanda, I love the signature quilts, what a great idea! Love the blog. Barb


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