Saturday, March 29, 2008

My 100th Post!

It's my 100th post today!!

Thanks for all the comments sharing your ideas of what you do with your scraps, and encouraging me in my quest to find the perfect way to store them.

As I was reading your comments, I had an epiphany. Maybe I do have my scraps organized; it was me that didn't think so.

Some commented that I should give some away. I do. There is a lady in my Quilt Guild that loves to make scrap quilts with her grand daughters. They make 9 patches out of 1 1/2" squares. I fill up bags as I go and give them to her. Then there's Angela who loves it when I give her the triangles that I trim off when I make flying geese. She sews them up, squares those little babies up, and makes large "broken dishes" quilts them. They are always so excited when I bring scraps to them. It's like Christmas!

As I was thinking about my epiphany I starred looking at my quilts that I have made from my baskets of scraps. First I realized that I have it even more organized than I thought I did. Kim said that she keeps all of her Thimbleberries together, and the rest of the scraps together in a basket. I realize that I do that, too! I keep 30's reproductions, Christmas, Halloween, Patriotic, Valentines Day, Civil War, Batiks, Juvenile, Thimbleberries, and any other "themed" fabrics and scraps together in their own Rubbermaid tub. Everything else goes in my color coordinated baskets that I already showed you.

I then started looking at some of my scrap quilts.

I used this pattern for all three of my grandsons when they were born. All of my blue baby bow ties came from my blue scrap basket.

"Alexis' Butterfly Garden" was made from my scrap collection of 1930's reproduction fabrics. I made this for her when she was born. I have a real butterfly garden, and I thought Alexis should have a butterfly garden of her own. Judy Laquidara quilted this for me. She did such a beautiful job.

These two quilts were made from my collection of Christmas scraps. The first one came from the Nickel Quilts book. My bff, Terry, quilted this one for me. The pattern is called Jewel Box. The second quilt is a Jacob's Ladder. This is the one I posted a few days about. I have a lot more Christmas scrap quilts made from my Christmas scrap collection.

This quilt is called Stars and Chains. It is from the 2000 Winter issue of Quilt magazine. I used my collection of 6 1/2" squares to make this quilt. The object of this quilt was to teach myself not to be so "matchy matchy". I put all of the squares in a brown paper sack. I would pull out 9 squares for my 9 patches and sew them together. I tried my best not to color coordinate. That was such a challenge for me. Judy Laquidara did a beautiful job quilting this quilt. My points aren't perfect, but I love it anyway.

Another organization idea that I do, and I didn't realize until Nerm and Kitty pointed it out to me, is that afer I make a quilt, I keep the leftover fabrics together in a ziplock bag. My reason for this is because I have already spent time color coordinating the fabrics, why not keep them together in case I want to make another quilt. This is the baby quilt that I made for my neighbor's grandson. The ziplock bag is full of fabrics that I had left over. I can keep my zip lock fabric collections in a plastic tub all together.

Thanks again for so many comments about scrap collecting. I look forward to visiting all of your blogs and the sites that you gave me to visit.

Take care!



  1. Dear amanda--I checked Marcia Hohn's site and although she has a Star and Crosses block--I don't think it's the same as yours. Would you look (when you get back from vacation) and check for me? I love your quilt and want to make one like it. Thank you.

  2. Wow! Beautiful scrappy quilts! You certainly have an eye for color and design...very nice!

  3. You have made so many beautiful scrap quilts!! Isn't it funny to discover you're actually more organized than you thought? lol!!


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