Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quiltathon #2

Judy's second Quiltathon was today.

I started looking at my quilt on my design wall, and adding up what size quilt it is going to be. At this point, it's a little small, even if I added borders.

I looked over at my pile of 4 1/2" squares and half square triangles (that I spent hours and hours squaring up into perfect little 2 1/2" squares) and decided that my quilt needed to be larger. So I piddled around and decided which squares I was going to use to make 16 extra blocks. I didn't get any of them made, but that's okay.

As the day went on I started going through some of my UFO boxes. I pulled down my Monterrey Medallion, and realized that I don't have that much more to do and it will be finished! I could say that for just about all of my UFO's! I had stars all over my sewing room, along with my quilt on my design wall, and a baby quilt that I had started this past weekend and didn't finish.

I had to get a grip on this situation or I would have all of my UFO boxes open! So I put away the Monterry Medallion, made a decision on the squares I was going to use for the 16 blocks, and finished the baby quilt.

Isn't this one cute! If you would like a detailed tutorial on how to make this quilt go to Bonnies website and look under Charity Quilts. She calls it Streak of Sunshine.

Now it's time to go to Judy's blog to see what you all made during the quiltathon! Isn't this fun???

Take care!



  1. I love that quilt you have on your design wall, even though it does make my eyes cross, lol. And what is it called? And the baby quilt is really cute...great idea and fast.

  2. Cute baby quilt, and the one on your design wall is fabulous!

  3. Ooo, the one on the design wall reminds me of looking through a reducing glass. I like it!

    And the baby quilt is adorable!

  4. Wow! How cool the first one looks, kind of reminded me of looking through a kalaidesope, it shimmers!
    I overwhelmed myself as well pulling out ufo's and did the same as you, put them back for another day!


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