Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

It's a gorgeous day here in Kentucky. Today Steve, Julia, and I will be going to Terry's house to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family. Laura and the grandbabies will be spending Thanksgiving together with Jeff's family. Wade has to work. It's too bad that people get sick and need medicines on Thanksgiving, but at least they have a friendly person to help them when they buy their prescriptions.

Here's a picture of Wade in between Julia and Laura on his 21st birthday, which was in September. It's the latest photo of him; he's not around much since he's in college and works.

Some of you have asked me about my Christmas Present Sewing Retreat. It was fun, but ever since I got home I have been in my sewing room tyring to get quilts made in time for Terry to quilt them for me for Christmas presents leaving me no time to upload photos or post anything on my blog. The plans I had for the race car quilts didn't work out too well. Let me just say that I will never work with panels again. They are impossible to get straight, and I have spent numerous hours and lots of late nights trying to make these 3 quilts not crooked. I gave up yesterday, and cut out two more quilts with the Cars theme, and there wasn't a panel involved!!! It was such a "freeing" experience; a load lifted off my shoulder. I was able to salvage some of the fabrics, so I didn't feel like I had wasted anything, and I used some of my stash! Judy will be so proud of me!

As I said, today we will be going to Terry's house. I can't wait to see the look when she sees my one race car quilt that is "crookeder than a dog's hind leg", and I'll see if she will tell me that she can quilt it and make it "straighter than it oughta be". I love Terry's "hillbilly" talk. She's the one that calls it "hillbilly", not me. I'm making corn bread pudding, oatmeal cookies, and chocolate chip cookies, which her kids and grand kids love. My little family will celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend and hopefully help their dad pull down the Christmas decorating boxes from the shelves in the garage.

I am thankful for a lot of things. God has bless us with great families that live in Louisiana, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Colorado, and Arkansas. We love and miss them so much; words could never express. However, we are also blessed with many friends, and a sweet family of our own. We truly have a lot to be thankful for, and we thank God every day.

I'm thankful, too, for the many friends that I have all over the world through my blog. You all inspire me and make me laugh out loud. Thank you! {{Hugs}}

I'll leave you with this...yesterday was Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode. As a gift to us you can go to her website and download some Christmas songs from some of her favorite Christmas albums. You can burn them to a CD. I would tell you that you could upload it to your Ipod, but since I have never done that, I really don't know. I'm sure you could, though. Anyway, she even has a label for the CD and a sleeve for your CD case. It will only be on her website through today, so hurry!

Have a great Thanksgiving!



  1. Great post! Life is very good and I am blessed to have a wonderful and full life with great kids and now I'm a GoGo....(grandma). I'm so excited. Take care.

  2. I hope you had a fun day at Terry's. Sorry about those panels giving you trouble on the Cars quilts. I've used panels a few times and, so far, have had no trouble, but I'd be upset if it happened. Panels are supposed to make our lives easier for things like kids' quilts and quilts needed in a hurry. (Or I have used them as gifts for folks who don't know and don't truly appreciate the amount of time that goes into a pieced quilt.)

  3. I love the Christmas quilt you have on your header now! May I ask what pattrn that is? It looks like giant rick rack!

  4. Oh I love the look of the christmas decorations on the blog! So cute.

  5. Oh course I'm proud of you for using the stash but . . I'm always proud of you! Thanks for the corn pudding recipe. I was going to ask about it and kept reading and then saw it.


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