Monday, January 26, 2009

Diet Challenge Monday

I am happy to report that I lost 3 pounds this week. Now, don't get excited. It's the 3 pounds I gained when I started my diet 2 weeks ago. I read in an exercise book one time that sometimes you gain water whenever you start working out. I guess my body is finally getting used to me going to the gym and walking. All I know is that even though I got slightly discouraged, I still hung in there, and it's paying off!

Now, here's my little view about scales: I don't like that some little piece of machinery determines whether or not I'm in a good mood that day. I can be feeling really great about myself, my clothes be a little loose, get on the scales, and dad gummit!!!(while stomping my foot)...I either gained some weight or maintained.

On the other hand, I can see where scales are a good thing. Heck, if I had weighed myself more often I could see that I was gaining weight and done something about it then instead of having to do it over again. Also, I can look back at my previous week, see what I did wrong and work on making changes.

My change this week was sugarless gum! It's 5 little calories, tricks my brain into thinking I'm eating a bag of chips, and keeps me from eating in between meals and snacks. When I'm out and about and I get a little hungry I pop in a piece of gum and the hunger pains go away.

Good luck to the rest of you in the diet challenge! Doing this together is fun!


  1. Hey....pssssttt...I have a plan. Maybe you want to get in on it with me. Let's put out sugarless gum that TASTES like potato chips and Doritos and stuff like that. I think we could make BUCKETS of money and be able to go WILD with our quilting hobby with the profits from our new gum. What do you say? Are you in on it??? (*sigh*...only wish I had the connections and means to do it as I think it would sell BIG)

  2. i second pat's doritos gum idea.

    yayyy for your 3 pound loss!!!

  3. You girls are funny! It sounds like a great plan to me! lol

  4. Only problem with the plan is the best part of the doritos and BBQ chips and Salt & Vinegar Chips is the SALT!!! That would defeat the purpose of the gum. If you can get it to taste salty without being salty, I'M IN TOO!
    Congratulations Amanda! Let me tell you another little secret about weight and you exercising—so you won’t be discouraged later. Muscle weighs more than FAT. Therefore, as you continue to exercise, your body will start burning that fat more efficiently, and it will also start building muscle. When that happens, you will get on the scale and you will start to see a rise in the numbers again. Don’t get discouraged—I always did and quit and then ate even more! That was the WRONG way to handle it. Instead, go by what your clothing says, check what you’ve eaten that week—is there lots of salt in something that may cause water retention? Have you cut back so far on calories that your body senses a famine? In that case it will hold on to every bit of water and calories it can, storing it until it can use it later—thinking it will need it. In that case, you not only will start out gaining weight but you will lose weight—but it will be the muscle that will start to be used for the nutrients that are built up and stored in the muscle—primarily protein. Also, when you go off the diet, it will take LESS calories for you to gain weight—hence why so many fad diets fail and then you end up heavier than before. I haven’t been on the scales since last Tuesday—“I weigh in tomorrow”. Hopefully I will not have gained another 4 lbs., as I did last week. Some diet huh?

  5. well you took the weight back off - so that's great! and keep in mind too that muscle weighs more than fat (sheesh, i'm repeating myself a lot on that one, sounds like you girls are getting toned!)so go by your waist too, sometimes you just have to forget what the scale actually says and think "wow, i've lost some serious inches!"

  6. Well if you could get the gum to taste like a big block of chocolate I'm in too!!! Congratulations - 3 pounds is great.

  7. Hi Amanda--

    Thanks for the blog visit and note! Sounds like you might be borrowing that boy's WiiFit!

    I love your idea about gum. Will have to try that. Congrats on getting back to ground zero! Please keep in touch---

  8. I'm wondering if you have power. From what I see on the news, if you do, you're one of the lucky ones. Hope you're staying warm and maybe getting to sew.

  9. Hey Amanda...stay warm!! Oh my Gosh I heard about all that snow! Glad the electricity is back on now. I'll hope for some sunny warm weather to come along real quick for your state!

  10. Tell me you have your power back on! I read that county schools are re-opening so I hope that means things are slowly returning to normal there. I had lunch with Aunt Jackie today! Such a sweet lady. Thanks for putting her in touch with me. I believe she and I will get together often!

  11. wow!!((((Congrats))))) on your loss..
    I'm so proud of you..Walking and going to the gym!!!!
    Keep it up kiddo !!


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