Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Winners of the Blogaversary Announced, Finally!!

Hi, everyone! I'm announcing the winners of my second blogaversary, finally.

I loved all of the comments you posted about how you were going to celebrate National Quilting Day. What I loved the most, though , is that a lot of you didn't even know there was a National Quilting Day, but you were doing something quilt related that day. It just goes to show that none of us need a "special day" for us to celebrate our love and passion for quilting.

A lot of you still want to read about the event my Guild co-hosted with the other guilds, and I'll write about it soon. For right now I want to announce the winners of my blogaversary since you have all been so patient.

The first prize is a jelly roll of Moda's Basket of Flowers by Mary Englebreit. The winner is Bonnie. Bonnie wrote, "Wow! You are a busy lady...chairing the Quilt Show and National Quilters Celebration all in the same year! Wow is about all I can say! I'll be working on Spring! by Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure. Hopefully the top will almost be done by then. Congratulations of 2 years of blogging! Fabulous! I've just found you via Kim but I'm happy I did so! B"
Well, Bonnie, I'm glad you found me, too! Yes, I do stay busy with my Guild, but it will be a while before I chair anything again. I have been in the Guild for almost 13 years. I was the President for 2 of those years. I have chaired the Quilt Show twice, and I co-chaired the Quilt Show with another friend in 1998. I have chaired the Quilters' Day event 3 times. I have served on the board as the secretary, the program chairperson, and a director. I have learned that the best time to stop doing so much is when you're still having fun. I'm still having fun so I'm not chairing anything again for a while. I'm ready to sit back and enjoy someone else being in charge of things, but I'm always happy to help. I'm working on Spring!, too! It's still on my design wall.

The second prize is a charm pack of Moda's Flag Day Farm and a pattern by Sherry K. Falls. I recently "met" Sherry through her blog. Now I see her everywhere I look! She even has a cute bag pattern in the Bags, Pillows, and Pincusion "bookazine". I couldn't find it on the Internet, but Roseann talks about it here! I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. Nanette is making Sherry's bag pattern here.
The winner of this prize goes to Sara! Sara said, "I am for sure going to get some quilting done...need to work on my challenge quilt. Hope you are having a fun time on National Quilting Day; it sounds like it will be great! And, happy Blogaversary!!!" Congratulations, Sara. I hope you enjoy this adorable little table runner. I liked it so much that I bought one for me, too! Yes, I did have a fun day at Quilters Day. I hope you had fun working on your challenge quilt!

The third prize I bought from my friend, Betty, who owns my favorite quilt shop. This is a pattern from Terry Atkinson. I love everything Terry designs. Her patterns are always easy to follow and beginner quilters to advanced quilters always have success with her patterns. This cute little tote will be perfect for shopping at quilt shows, quilt shops, or really anywhere, for that matter. You can just swing it over your shoulder and you're hands are free to do whatever!

The winner of the pattern/kit is Pat! Congratulations, Pat! Pat said, "Congrats on your anniversary and thanks for all the help you have given me with my blog. I had the daughter and granddaughter here for the weekend, so unfortunately for the "holiday" I didn't do a single stitch. I thought about it, though. (I thought I had already commented here, but don't notice it when I look through the list)." Well, Pat, it pays to come back to see if you posted a comment on a blog that's having a giveaway! I was more than happy to help you when you first started your blog, so you're welcome. We've become great friends, and that's what it's all about. You may not have gotten some quilting done on National Quilting Day, but you got some grand baby hugs and to spend time with your daughter. You don't get to do that every day.

Bonnie, Sara, and Pat e-mail me your home addresses and I'll mail these out as soon as possible!

Thanks, again, everyone for wishing me a happy blogaversary and entering the giveaway. I hope to get back into blogging on a more regular basis. I miss visiting with everyone! I'm really far behind on reading blogs and posting about things. I'll catch up, though.



I forgot to tell you how I chose the winners. I was going to let the random number generator pick the winners, but I realized that I, too, has posted a couple of comments, so I wasn't sure how that would work. So, I printed out everyones comments and let my son, Wade, draw names.


  1. Oh, WOW....I can't believe I'm one of the winners. I am up SICK in the middle of the night here....and put the computer on to read blogs in order to pass the time between "episodes" it was VERY special for me to read this good news!!! Thanks, Amanda, and congratulations to the other two winners, also. I believe the second winner is my blogging friend, Sara, who has the blog Fiber Fanatic!!! Yippee for all 3 of us!!! This was very nice of you to get such great prizes, Amanda! Keep up the great work on your blog, too.

  2. Congratulations to all of the lucky winners!

  3. I hope you're feeling better, soon! Thank goodness we can talk but can't catch each others illnesses! :)

  4. I would like to thank my parents, especially my mother who taught me to love sewing, my husband who is wonderful and very supportive, my children who have learned to oooh and ahhhh no matter what the quilt looks like, my daughter who is following in my footsteps, Blogspot, Amanda... (hey, this is like an Academy Award for quilting, right???)

    That jelly roll is screaming my name I'm super excited. I'm trying hard not to buy stuff but these modas are so hard to resist! Thanks Amanda, bonnie in the poconos
    (you all can visit my blog: Institcheswithbonnie.blogspot,com
    (ok, enough blatant advertising...) B.

  5. All the winners are deserving gals. Nice for them! Good giveaway AManda.

  6. Amanda, I can't believe it! Oh, this is great - I love that pattern and I can't wait to make it. Think that it will move up on my "to do" list...

    And, of course, I am such a fan of MODA - they have truly beautiful fabrics.

    Thank you again...and congrats to the other winners - I know Pat - but haven't "met" Bonnie yet...

  7. Congrats to all the winners from one of the losers!! (that's OK Amanda.... I'm not bitter problem .... I'll get over it....)
    (you know I'm just kidding!!! HUGS!)

  8. Hi Amanda....first off...Congrads to the 3 LUCKY winners, I know they will be thrilled with their new goodies!! And second...thank you sooo much for your lovely email you sent! Back at ya 'sista'!!

  9. You are very generous! Congratulations to the winners. You chose lovely prizes.


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