Monday, May 11, 2009

Nice Day

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day. After I ate my muffin (s) and blogged about the quilt my mother made me, I went to my sewing room and started ironing all of my pink and purple scraps.

See, Terry came over a few weeks ago and said I needed to use some of this fabric. She's been talking about making a two color quilt(white or off white with another color) out of each of the colors of her scraps and 6 1/2" squares that we have been collecting from an exchange group in our Quilt Guild. She has a quilt pattern in mind, so I thought I might join in on the fun. The problem is, though, I got bored ironing pink and purple fabric. To be honest, I didn't even get to the purple and I didn't finish all of the pink. I have a very short attention span especially when it comes to ironing. That's not good considering how many baskets of scraps I have (red, black, orange, yellow/brown, green, blue, pink/purple).

Soon after that, Laura and the grandkids came over.
They're such little sweeties. Laura is enjoying planting flowers in her flower beds, so I gave her a watering can and a pair of cute gardening gloves.

The food was good. Laura brought sushi for the appetizer (I swear I think they put something in that stuff to make people crave it), and Steve made his chicken/spinach stromboli and chicken pizza. Everything was great, and I didn't have to cook! That's even better!

Here's Wade,me, Julia, and Laura. They're sweeties, too.
Laura and the grand kids gave me a planter. I love how it looks like a pitcher on a saucer.

Julia gave me two quilting books. Vanessa has talked about this book on her blog, and maybe with a Christmas quilting idea book I won't be waiting until the last minute to make gifts and decorations.

Wade gave me a $25 gift card to Books A Million.

I can't decide if I want to get Mary Higgins Clark's new book on cd, or use it several times to buy quilting magazines. I'll probably buy quilting magazines, knowing me.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment about my mothers quilt. You know, until I blogged about it and heard from you, it never dawned on me that this is the only thing I have that has my mother's hand stitching on it. Not only did she try to hand quilt it, but she hand stitched the binding down, too. Even though it bothered Mom that the quilt was never finished, it takes on a new meaning since she is no longer with me. I'm sure she wouldn't mind it if I finished it for her, but to go over her applique stitches or to tear the quilt apart, no way! What was I thinking? I think I might just leave it alone, and enjoy it the way it is. I do love it because she made it especially for me. Thanks for being honest and giving me your heartfelt opinions. {{Big Hugs}}

I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the women that are special to you.



  1. What a great looking a bunch!!

    You totally made a great killing on Mother's Day! What great kids you have!

  2. Terrific photos and lovely gifts. That planter is SO cute....I'd not have known it was a planter if you'd not told us...would have thought it was a cute pitcher for you to use in the dining room!

  3. great pictures of your family! love your gifties...I got a Kindle...but I haven't blogged about yet.

  4. I have both of those books, they are great

  5. If i lived closer to you Amanda,I would definitely help you iron your scraps! I actually love to iron - for me its relaxing! Great pictures of your family!

  6. Hey, I am with Candace I don't mind ironing. The three of us could have a little tea party and iron together. Three irons going and we'd get your piles of beautiful finished in no time. Never boring with friends and a tea party.

    Thank you for sharing your family. They look happy, healthy, good looking and they are yours!!!

    How special their gifts are, so thoughtful and show they care about YOU!

    Happy Mothering.

  7. thank you for sharing so much about your cleaning systems and with teaching your kids. mine are all still young so it's nice to hear of success stories of the things that i'm actually trying with women like yourself who have done this for a while already! wonderful! and i hope that my kids will be a success story like yours! and now you can give them each a token because i just bragged about them! ;)

  8. What a cute family you have. Nice gifts you got too. Glad you had a great mothers day Amanda.

  9. Hi Amanda! A very belated Happy Mother's Day !!! What a sweet family you have!

    (...and P.S. first reaction about the quilt your Mom made was to leave it the way she made it ....I'm glad you're not going to change it :)



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