Thursday, July 9, 2009

He's 50 (part II)

Yesterday was Steve's 50th birthday. If you missed part I, scroll down to the previous post.

Steve standing by the yard sign announcing his birthday.

I ordered this yard sign so everyone in the neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods could see that it was Steve's birthday. Many neighbors dropped by to wish him well. In return they got a tour of the man cave. I look for more of these to pop up in the neighborhood.

Laura, our oldest daughter, took us out to dinner to celebrate Steve's birthday. It was half price Margarita and half price dinners at the local Mexican restaurant and the place was packed with fun drunk people. You'll see what I mean.

First, though is Steve in the birthday sombrero. That word just makes me want to roll my r's.

Mmmm. Fried ice cream. Oooo La La!

The lady behind us saw that Steve was wearing the sombrero so she started singing "Happy Birthday" and made everyone in the restaurant start singing not once, but twice!!

Hmmm. I wonder if today she remembers doing that??? Oh well. It made for a fun night.

Sharing fried ice cream.

Steve with Laura and Wade.

Wonder why Julia, our youngest daughter, isn't in the picture? She's in rainy Panama City, FL on vacation with some friends. As for the grand kids, well, they were with the babysitter. They did, however, call Steve and sing "Happy Birthday" to him. It's so cute how they all sound so well together. We'll have a big celebration next week when we celebrate Julia's 16th birthday!

Now for something quilty...

On Pat Sloan's blog she posted what is currently on her cutting table. She asked for her readers to post in her flickr group what was on their cutting tables.

Here's mine (after a little bit of clearing off and some rearranging).

On the cutting mat is a birthday cake pattern from Sandy Gervais and some Clementine fabric. Since it is Julia's birthday next week I thought I would make her a signature birthday cake quilt for friends and family to sign.

In the orange basket is a bag pattern and Darla fabric I ordered from Jona. The bag will be great for when we go to Florida at the end of the month. Hopefully it won't be rainy and Julia can work on her tan.

In the pink basket are fabrics I am using to make 2 1/2" half square triangles for our Guild's donation quilt for next year. Those have to be made by next week! I better get busy!!!

Thanks for sharing Steve's 50th birthday with us. Here's to 50 more!



  1. LOVE the sombrero photos!!!

  2. Steve doesn't look a day over 49! Tee Hee....Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Steve!

    And I agree, he doesn't look near that old. Even wearing the sombrero. :D

  4. It looks like you had a great time celebrating!
    I think the sig quilt for your daughter is a great idea!

  5. Ole' !!!! and Happy Birthday to Steve !!! (Welcome to the "Hawaii 5-0 club! ..... and like the rest of us , you could still pass for 29! ) That sombrero is quite the fashion statement!!

    P.S. Amanda ....cute b-day quilt idea!!! (and please tell me there's a mess on your cutting table just out of camera range!!)

  6. You got him good, Amanda! But it looks like he took it well! In fact I like the RIP sign better than the wheelchair and black crepe paper at my desk when I turned 50!!

  7. Happy belated to him. How are things going? How are you??

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    Photos are nice..
    thanks for sharing with us...

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