Monday, July 27, 2009

I feel so bad!!! The photos that I took on my bus trip to the AQS show won't upload to Picassa. Then I thought, well, I'll show them photos of the antique quilt auction that Terry coordinated. They won't upload either. I guess blogger is having difficulty tonight.

So, I'll just answer a few questions that have come up here lately. Most of my questions have had to do with my chocolate spice cake recipe. Several of you have made it and love it. I'm so glad. My mother made that recipe up about 26 years ago. She would be so happy, and amazed, that I have shared that with people all over the world. She passed away 20 years ago, just in case you're wondering, from breast cancer.

Someone asked whether or not they could double the recipe, make two cakes, and freeze one for later. That sounds like a great idea! I have never doubled the recipe because I don't have a bowl large enough and I don't have a large freezer. I always save the rest of the cake mixes and keep them for another cake. I really like this one ladies idea of baking the cake in a long cake pan, poking holes in the top, and pouring the frosting over it. Mmmm. That sounds good!! Thanks for sharing that idea.

I guess since we're here just talking...several of you leave me really nice comments and I can't reply to them because your e-mail setting is set to "no-reply". I'm not sure if you're aware of this. Just know that if you are leaving comments and no one is ever responding to you, it's most likely because your settings need to be changed. I did that, at first, and someone suggested I change it so they could e-mail me. The only problem is, I forgot how I changed it! I'll find out and let you know. Once you change it, you'll love it because that's how bloggers communicate with each other and make friends.

Speaking of friends, my bloggy friend, Kim, wrote a beautiful post about friendships, in real life and in blogland. She had a birthday this past week, so if you read her post about friendships, wish her a happy birthday, too. I'm sure she's still celebrating.

I do wish my camera, Picassa, and blogger were working tonight. I'm leaving tomorrow for a much needed vacation to Florida. I can't wait to walk on the beach and have fun with my family. I'm not taking my sewing machine, which is unusual for me. I am taking some quilting books, magazines, and a few applique patterns to copy onto fusible webbing. That way everything will be drawn and ready for me to fuse when I get back home. It's my way of making sure I don't get bored.

Again, please accept my apologies that it will be a week or so before I can post about the Knoxville AQS quilt show. I know you, my bloggy friends, will understand.

Have a great week!



  1. Have a wonderful vacation! I have found it easier, personally, to just take my photos from my OWN files on my computer and pop them into my blog postings. Once in awhile one will turn sideways, so I detete it and resize it (smaller) on one of my photo programs and the when I try again to put it in the post, it's always fine. This way, I've never NOT been able to post photos. Can't wait to see yours from the show!

  2. Oh no! I hope you can get them uploaded soon. I went to the AQS show in Paducah in April and had the BEST time! I bet Knoxville was wonderful too!

  3. Hi Amanda. I'm glad to hear you had a great trip. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. My mom died in 1992 of breast and bone cancer. I still miss her too.

    I'm looking forward to trying out the chocolate spice cake recipe. It sounds delicious.

  4. Whether the individual's email address is available or not, depends ( on whether it appears in their profile. So, if those individuals add "email me" to their profile page, their email address should appear (to you only) when they leave a comment.

    Lurker, quilter want-to-be Julie

  5. Oh, I hope you're having a lovely, restful time! Enjoy!

  6. Just found your blog from a link sent to me from yahoo group. Very pretty quilts. I have to visit again this evening after I get my housework done. I live in Ky also.

  7. Sometimes blogger is a beast! I hope your vacation pics upload when you get back. We'll miss you. Have a lovely time. The cake sounds yummy.


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