Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Thoughts

It's been a while since I've seen my best friend, Terry.  I've been busy; she's been busy.   This photo is us at a retreat that she helps coordinate.  She taught this Scrappy Heart class, and I took the class from her.  Remember how I made a million  lot of red nine patches?  Well, this is the reason.  Terry's quilt is hanging in the background.  It looks like Terry's quilt had a baby and we're both holding it.  It's funny, but we
didn't share any red fabrics or background fabrics.

Julia, my youngest daughter, is on Fall Break this week.  The house has been filled with teenagers, and at times, grand kids.  She has a job now, so, when she isn't working we've been spending time together shopping and going to the movies.    In between times I've been sewing on my red and aqua disappearing nine patches for the swap at Janes.  The house is quiet today (I think), so hopefully I'll have those ready to show for my Sew and Tell Friday

By the way, I did find the blog that inspired me to make my little table mat that I showed you in the last post.  I had seen the one that Peg made at her blog, Happy in Quilting, and she gave the link to Jenny, who has the tutorial on her blog.  It really does take less than an hour to make one.

The weekend and next week will be just as busy. 

My youngest two grandsons, Gatlin and Brayden, will be spending the weekend with me.  I'm sure there will be digging in dirt, maybe a visit to the pumpkin patch, and a whole lot of grand baby hugs.  They still let me rock them. I love to rock babies. 

Next week my oldest grandson, Cameron, and I will be celebrating our birthday that we share together.


Here he is in his little go-cart that he races.  He's such a sweetie.  He thinks it's cool that we share a birthday together.  I'm sure when I'm 80 and he's 40, he'll still think it's cool.  So will I. 

Steve's parents, and his Aunt and Uncle, are coming to see us at the end of next week and will be spending the following week with us.  My house is ready, but I still have things to do.  I want to make curtain panels for some valances that I have hanging in my family room and "not so formal" formal living room.  I found out the company that manufactured the fabric for my valances has gone out of business.  Thankfully, Hancock Fabrics still had some of the fabric in their warehouse and I was able to buy the fabric 50% off!  They had exactly the amount I needed, so it was meant to be!  Now I'm trying to figure out how to hem lined curtains panels.  I haven't blind hemmed stitched anything in a really long time. 

I may not see Terry as much as I used to.  Hopefully that will change in the next few weeks (even if I have to go play in her sewing room while she quilts on the longarm.)  She doesn't have a computer, so there's no e-mail, blogging, Facebook, or Twitter.  She does have a phone, though, and I'm glad that we are just a phone call away from each other.  I think I'll give her a call to find out how to sew the hem on lined curtains.  She'll know.  She knows everything. 

Have a great day!



  1. Great to have a friend like that! Keep it alive!
    Have fun with the grandchildren and all the visitors! Whew!

  2. WOW...lots happening at your house these days!!! I enjoy hearing all about it and seeing the pictures, too.

  3. What a blessing to have a friend like that! You are so busy, but the time with grandsons sounds wonderful! Enjoy! love the heart quilts!


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