Friday, October 30, 2009

Sew and Tell Friday

First of all, thank you to everyone who left a comment or facebooked me wishing me a happy birthday.  I had tears streaming down my face as I read them!


This is my grandson, Cameron, and I sharing the birthday Sombrero at the Mexican food restaurant where our families took us to dinner to celebrate our big day.  I got a Wii, a purse, a quilting book, money to shop for fabric, and a night out to the movies with my son. 

I got several things accomplished this week for Sew and Tell Friday.

About three years ago I made valances for my family room and "not so formal" formal living room.  I decided a few months ago that my valances needed the side panels to go with them to sort of dress things up a bit.  So, I bought 10 yards of fabric and 10 yards of lining and got busy!!


All in all I made 8 panels.   I really love the look and  I think it makes everything look complete.   This photo is how the curtains look in my family room.  As you can see, I now have a large screen TV on top of my entertainment center, which can seem sort of , well, not pretty.   I'm all about making things look as pretty and the curtain panels were exactly what it needed. 

The other project I got completed this week were the 25 blocks for the Red and Aqua Disappearing 9-Patch Swap.  Here they are as 9-patches,

but I forgot to shoot their picture once I got them all cut into their little 6 1/4" squares.  They looked so cute! 

I have to tell you this story.  Today when I went in the post office to mail my little 100 squares I sort of had a hard time squeezing the little cuties into my $4.95 flat rate package.  My favorite postal worker (big, tall, doesn't smile much, has that "oh it's you again" look on his face, but he's really sweet) squeezed them in all nice and neat.  As I was writing the check to pay for everything, there was this lady standing to the side.  I heard him say, "Yes. She told me you were coming in this afternoon."  "Yes, this is my last day".  I said, "Are you retiring?"  He said he was, and I said, "Awwwwww I will miss you!!!"  He got this odd look on his face and said, "Really?"  I said," Who's going to take care of me when I do swaps?  You're always so sweet about it!!"  He just smiled.  So, the lady standing to the side just so happened to be a newspaper reporter.  She said, "Since you're such a fan of his do you mind if I do an interview with you?"  So I did and it will be in the newspaper on Wednesday.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I just hope she doesn't make me sound stupid. 

Thanks, again, to everyone for all the happy birthday wishes.  It was a great birthday.  I apologize for not responding to your e-mails, yet.  On top of sewing curtains and 9-patch blocks, I was also super cleaning because Steve's parents and his Aunt and Uncle drove in from Shreveport, LA today to stay for a week. 

Be sure to check out all the other Sew and Tell Friday sewers at Amy's. It's always fun to see what everyone accomplished for the week. 

Have a great weekend!



  1. Love the curtains! Looks lika a Good Tima was had for the Birthdays. Postage can get a littly costly

  2. Happy belated birhday! I love your curtains and your red and aqua blocks - I can't wait to get my red and aqua blocks and play with putting them together.

  3. Happy belated birthday! What a lovely story about your favourite postal worker. :)

    As to the window treatments - good job! The panels complement the valances perfectly.

    Best wishes from Germany,

  4. You have been busy! Love the curtains and valances. Happy Belated Birthday! Looking forward to hearing more about your newspaper article.

  5. The curtains are really cute. Like the fabric.

    I'll just bet you made his day - that was nice of you. You will have to let us know what the paper said...

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!! Congratulations on your finishes this week. I love the red and aqua fabrics together. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sounds like you've had a very productive week. Such pretty curtains and all those 9 patch blocks. Happy belated birthday wishes!

  8. Love your curtains! And how cool to be interviewed for the newspaper. Hope it turns out to be a nice article.

  9. Happy Birthday. Fun that you'll be in the paper! Love the sombrero pic. So cute.

  10. Happy belated birthday! Did someone say fabric shopping??

  11. How fun that you and your grandson have the same birthday .... CUTE picture !!!

    .....and WOW !! You've been a busy girl !!! The curtains are very pretty and so are the quilt blocks! Good for you!

    ....AND how fun that you were interviewed ..... I'll bet the quiet but nice retiring post office guy appreciates what you say more than you'll ever really realize!


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