Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Thank you for all the sweet comments about the Valentine quilt I made. I made a couple of little last minute changes and gave it to Terry (BFF)  for her to put her "pizzaz" on it with her quitling machine. It will be a surprise for you and me, both, to see it quilted and finished!

Happy Groundhog's Day!

I can't believe this, but I forgot all about it being Groundhog's Day until I heard the weather on the Today Show.  Back in the early 90's we lived about 20 miles away from Punxy (as the locals call it) in another little town in the snowbelt of Pennsylvania. We have lots of fun memories of getting up early, drinking hot chocolate, and watching on TV to see whether or not "Phil" (the groundhog) saw his shadow.  Julia came home from school today and told me that I forgot it was Groundhog's Day.  I told her I remembered it later on.  Then she said, "Why aren't you wearing your sweatshirt?"
  I forgot about it, too! 

According to Phil it looks like we're going to have six more weeks of this:

It snowed 6 inches on Saturday. 
Julia and I say, "Yay!!"  We love snow days!


Have you heard about Pat Sloan's "Camp Sloanie"?  It's a winter stashbuster and it's this weekend.  Pat has gone through her stash and  shot pictures of  all of her cute, polka dotted storage bins.  It's nice to know I'm not alone (not that I have polka dot storage bins, but I do have an overflowing stash).  If you start reading her blog posts from the 26th of January until today, you will see how she is organizing her sewing room and clearing out spaces. 

Over the next few days I will be going through my stash and unfinished projects trying to decide what I am going to work on during Camp Sloanie and for the Charming Girls' Quilt Club

I think I overheard the weatherman say that another snowstorm is heading here this weekend.  That's perfect stashbusting weather!  Thanks, Phil!

Have a great day!


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  1. I was born in Punxsutawney and go back there every year to put flowers on the family graves. Nice little town, but it sure would be cold there. We're living in VA now and although it's not warm by any means, there is hope. Where are you?


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