Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone!  

I hope you all had a nice weekend.  I spent most of it on my virtual camping trip with Pat Sloan, sewing, and watching the Saint's win the Super Bowl with my family. Way to "geaux" Saints!!!

It was the perfect weekend for our virtual camping trip.  It was snowy at my house, but not as snowy as it was at Pat's house.  She got 25" of snow!  Looking at her photos brought back memories of when we lived in PA. Snowstorms weren't something that we experienced living in Louisiana, so you can imagine how shocked we were to see our first real snowstorm which brought 36".  I think the most snow we ever saw, though, was when it snowed 48"!  That's a lot of shoveling!

Pat designed this really cool block  that is perfect for busting your stash.  You can find the block here.Yesterday, she had a little contest and asked us to name her block.  One of the campers named it "Tent Flaps".  My idea was to name it "Possiblity" since there are so many different ways to lay out the blocks.  "Tent Flaps" was the winner, which is perfect for the theme.  You can see everyone's blocks here and their idea for laying out their blocks.  I love them all, but my favorite is the Zig-Zag.  I would have never thought of that idea.  .

My blocks are the two circles that you see in the photos.  I decided that this would be the perfect time to wipe the dust off pull down one of my UFO boxes that held the parts to a scrap quilt, "Bull's Eye", that I started in the year 2000.   One of the women in my Quilt Guild taught it as a workshop.  Evidently I was talking (imagine that!) and not paying much attention to the placement of each of my circles.


  Obviously I did the "slap down and sew method", which looks okay here, but


not so much here! 

This one is a little better, but not that much better!  

Are you laughing?   So am I.  

I think this quilt will drive my kids crazy because it isn't perfect.  

I'm not about to undo all of those blocks or toss them in the trash and start over.  My fabrics bring back lots of memories of where I was when I bought the fabric.  The black with the pink little flowers is the fabric from the last dress my mother made me before she passed away in the late 80's. 
Since it's rough edge applique (where you sew 1/4" around the edges of the circles instead of satin stitching or blind hem stitching to finish the edges), I'm sure, once the quilt is put together and thrown in the wash, all of those little unfinished edges will ravel and they won't even notice that everything doesn't match.  

They'll notice.

Looking at these blocks has made me realize how far I have come since I first began to quilt. I have learned about value of fabrics, variety (of my background fabrics), and, hopefully, I'm a little more accurate in my piecing.    

The quilt  may  not hang in my Quilt Guild's quilt show this coming June, but I'm sure it will be perfect for snuggling on the couch, covering the grandbabies when they fall asleep on the floor, or, who knows, maybe it will go on a camping trip!  

Thanks, Pat, for a fun weekend!  I'm looking forward to another one!

Have a great Monday!



  1. I think you are right, the circle quilt will be perfect to snuggle under! When a quilt is perfect and looks like a museum piece no wants to snuggle in it.

  2. I was in a Bulls Eye swap a few years ago... it is one of favorite quilts... enjoy yours..

  3. Your blog is really rich with good finds.


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