Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Last Day of March

It's hard to believe it's the last day of March!  It was a busy month, for sure. 

Every Saturday this month, (except for one.  I went to Louisville on a business trip.  That sounds so odd!) I helped Terry and Rita with their beginner quilting classes. 

Here is Terry (in the green)  teaching this lady how to cut. 

Now, here's the part where I tell you that our daughter, Julia, got her drivers license this month, and we bought her sister's old car for her to drive.  She's excited, but I'm not.  I never see her!  She works, goes to school, and  hides the camera cord to my other camera so I can't find it.   (Oops!  I wasn't supposed to tell you about the camera cord, but if you have teenagers you know what I'm talking about!)   I'm not really sure if she would know where it is even if she were here right now.  So, for right now, my pictures of the beginner quilt classes, Julia with her license, and my business trip  are stuck in my  other camera. 

Terry says that she isn't a teacher for a beginners.  I think what she means is that it's hard to un-teach a person once they have been taught the wrong way to cut, sew, and press.  I guess you could say that she likes to start them young.

Okay, maybe not that young, but isn't this a sweet picture of her with her youngest grand-daughter?  All of the girls in Terry's family (and me!) went to her daughter's lakehouse to sew for the weekend of Terry's birthday.  All 19 of us left with a Turning Twenty quilt top completed, even the baby.   Now if we could just get them to touch their machines before we go again next year! 

I didn't get a chance to quilt on anything this month.  I have done some sewing, but not much of anything quilt like, unless you consider using batting instead of interfacing for a bag that I made. 

I guess I quilted it when I sewed down the ric-rac along the seam lines.  It's my one finish this month for the One Project a Month challenge.  I was really hoping to get my Bulls Eye quilt completed (my one goal for the Charming Girls and Guys quilt club), but maybe next month. 

I can't leave without showing you what Steve made.  I love it that he is a woodworker because he understands my need for good materials, good tools, and lots of fun gadgets that make life easier.  He built this cabinet for Terry.

Terry likes primitive, so the more beat up it looks the better.  It was hard for Steve to bash it with a hammer and sand paint off of the corners.  I told him he should beat it with a chain and he just looked at me funny.  I guess he hasn't watched the same shows that I have watched on HGTV.  Now that I think about it, it would look odd to see Norm Abrams beat a piece of furniture on PBS.

Take care! 


I have added this post to the Sew and Tell Friday group over at Amy's.  It's always fun to see what everyone else has sewn for the week.   I just added this to Vanessa's blog, too!  It's her first "link up".  It's so fun to see what everyone is creating! 


  1. That is a very cute little bag, I love the ricrac. The cabinet is also stunning... with or without chain marks! (But I'd chain it too :o)

  2. love the bag and the colors and the ric rac, so cute! and that cabinet is amazing. my husband is out right now picking up materials to make me a new beat up...old looking headboard. i have every intention of beating it with a chain and hammering it.

  3. Very nice bag!! The cabinet looks great.

    We are in the process of repainting some old kitchen chairs. I love the old but new look.

  4. I love the bag!! That is so pretty. Love black and yellow together.
    The cabinet is to die for. Great job! My hubby is like that too I say make it primitive and he says....huh????
    Happy Easter Amanda.

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  6. Very cute bag with the ric rac! How lucky to have a talented husbnd that makes such nice pieces.

  7. Great bag..I love the colors you used!
    That cabinet is beautiful!

  8. Very sharp bag. Something done is better than none!

  9. You have been a busy busy gal !!! (and I completely sympathize with the new driver teenager thing!)
    I LOVE that very cute black and yellow bag (I made one with those same colors for my sister's b-day last year ) ...... and isn't your hubby the talented guy !!!!!!

    Happy Easter !!!

  10. The bag is just darling! I really like the color combination. And hooray for you for all the help you've done and all that you have accomplished in March!

    A dresser we refinished needed a back littl umph! where the wash towel holder was missing. Hubby handy made a low curved back and we ran over it with the car to warp it a little and give it some character!

    Happy Easter!

  11. Vey cute bag especially with the ric rac finish. Great cabinet.

  12. That's a really cute bag!!! Love the ric rac. Thanks for sharing.


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