Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Charming Girls and Guy's Quilt Club

I agree with Kelly that these months are going by fast in the Charming Girls' and Guys' Quilt Club.   It seems, though, that I haven't been able to finish my goals, but this month will change.  It has to!  My Quilt Guild is having a quilt show at the end of June, and I have got to get busy!

Terry's long arm quilting machine broke, wore out, and bit the dust. For two weeks she is going to be without a quilting machine which means...we can get together and sew before her new one comes in!!.  I can't wait!

We're getting together on Monday.  Our goal is to finish a project that she and I started 6 years ago.  There is a lot of piecing and a lot of applique.  We have all of the piecing done, but I still have some of the applique left to do.  My homework for Monday is to have all of the applique completed before I come to her house so we can sew the quilt together. 

The only thing is, though, I can't show you the entire quilt because we want it to be something special for the quilt show.  It's always fun to have a surprise or two for all of your friends to see.  It's deffinitely going to be a "WOW" factor.  I haven't made anything this beautiful in a long time.   

My other "homework" is to have the backs sewn together for a couple of quilt tops so, when the new machine comes in, they will be ready to quilt.  The one above is one of my grandsons' race car quilts. My other two grandsons have one, too, but they are already quilted.   The museum has a Speed Museum display, and their race car quilts will look great hanging beside a race car. 

I really need  to get back into my "One Hour a Day" sewing.  I seem to get more done when I plan my sewing time.  The quilt show will be here before I know it, so it's time to get busy and get something finished!  Wish me luck!       


  1. Your projects look great! Good luck getting finished with everything like you want to!

  2. It's fun to have someone to sew with. Fun, friends, food, fabric. The best combination.

  3. It is pretty amazing how much we can get in little bundles of time. Love this project.


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