Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In Project

I hope it's not too late to show everyone what I sewed on last night for the Friday Night Sew-In with Heidi.
I woke up early this morning only to find that the Internet wouldn't connect.  We had a storm last night, and I guess it knocked the cable out, along with the high speed Internet.  I'll have to admit, though, it was kind of nice to be unplugged to the outside world. 

Here's what I made:  another bag.  I keep making bags!  They're so fun though.
I bought the pattern from Alicia last year.  It's her "Jane Market Bag". 

I sewed the pattern just like she said, but I added cotton batting to it to firm it up a bit.  I like the softness of the batting, and yet it helps the bag to maintain it's shape.

It's perfect for my "Party in a Basket".  I sell Scentsy Wickless Candles.  The "Party in a Bag" or "basket party" is an alternative to a home party in that the hostess gets to carry a warmer, all 80 of the scents, catalogs, order forms, and a hostess handbook everywhere they go to share with their friends, family, and co-workers.  The hostess doesn't have to clean house or make refreshments, but she still gets the same hostess rewards.  I thought if someone is going to take the time to sell Scentsy for me, the least I could do is make a cute bag for them to carry everything in. 

Of course I get the bag back for the next person who wants to host a "Party in a Bag".

I do home parties, too. They're fun.   Every time I go to work I go to a party! 

I can't wait to see what everyone else was sewing on during the Friday Night Sew-In.  It's fun the think about all of us sewing at the same time. 

Have a great weekend! 



  1. Very cute bag. I love your fabric choices.

  2. That is one cute bag. I love it!! A party in a bag. I need to do a swap called Party in a bag!! Wouldnt that be fun???

  3. Amanda I just love your blog! You are soooo creative! Keep up the good work.

  4. Oh I love this bag. It is so pretty!!

  5. I love your bag and what a great idea.

  6. Now that is a nice bag - look at all the stuff you can get in it - and it's pretty too! Good job.

  7. I didn't know you sold Scentsy! I luuuurve Scentsy products! I'm going to have to order from you next time!!

  8. Love your bag, it is very cute and is great for what you need it for!!

  9. You sure are clever! Love the bag and your choice of fabric!


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