Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Focused on a Quilt Magazine

I knew one of my favorite quilting magazines, "Quilts and More"  was going to be in the stores today, so, instead of going out first thing this morning to buy it, I decided it would be my reward for enduring Physical Therapy.

It's nothing bad, just a frozen shoulder.  What started out as something small turned into me not being able to move my shoulder.  It was hard to put my hair in hot rollers, and it kept me awake at night.  Last week I went to out-patient surgery, and after a "snap, crackle, pop" (but probably much louder than Rice Crispies ever thought about being) they sent me on my merry way with pain killers in one hand, two weeks of Physical Therapy, and a life time of home exercises in the other.  My left shoulder is thinking that maybe it needs to join in on the fun, too.  That's not a bad idea! 

Who knew that childbirth classes would come in handy while someone twists and turns your arm in directions that makes tears roll down your face?  And who knew it would come back to you so quick even when you haven't had a baby in 17 years? I guess it's like riding a bicycle:  you never forget how.   Focusing on knowing that my quilt magazine was waiting for me at the bookstore, and knowing that soon I would be home sitting on my little couch on my patio reading it, made it worth all the pain.

Okay, so maybe not worth the pain, but well worth the wait.

I won't give any secrets away; several of our blogging friends have quilts and other fun projects for us.  My sewing room wants to look like Karen Snyder's when it grows up.  I'm just sayin'.

I'm thankful that quilting is my therapy.  Aren't you?


  1. Amanda, I hope your shoulder gets better soon. It was nice meeting you in Paducah and I hope you are planning another trip to a quilt show next year. I am going to go to Lancaster in October. Take care, Steph

  2. I'm hoping the PT sessions get easier for you soon. I didn't know you and Steph met in Paducah. I've met her and she is a super gal and I'm jealous that she got to meet YOU and I've not had the pleasure of that yet!

  3. Yes, Pat, I did get the pleasure of meeting Stephanie in Paducah. We have a really funny story to tell, so maybe, soon, I can share it with you. I would love to meet you in person, as well.

  4. Oh Amanda I feel for you! I hope the PT does the trick for you soon! Being injured is such a pain. I am going to have to look for that magazine while I run errands today--thanks for reminding me :)

  5. Hi, Amanda,
    How are you? I hope your shoulder is doing better. I missed seeing you at the quilt show in Owensboro this summer. It was a great show!
    I enjoy reading your blog and have been inspired by so many blogs. This past week I posted my first blog. Hope you'll stop by and visit sometime. It's JustBeeCuzzBlog.blogspot.com. Hope to hear from you.

  6. Hi! I just started reading your blog. I had frozen shoulder about a yr ago and the PT really helped. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me. Just wanted to give you some hope that the pain is worth it in the end. The dr hadn't given me much hope, but it really did work. I also love the mag "Quilts & More" and may have to go get my copy tomorrow!!

  7. Yipes, frozen shoulder is terrible. Hope the magazine made it a little better having a reward. Get better.

  8. Amanda,
    I stumbled upon your blog while surfing one day looking for motivation to start up my sewing machine after a long hiatus. Thank you for the motivation. 2 weeks later and I have 2 quilt tops ready to send to the quilter. Also tried your banana split pie recipe -- loved it.

  9. Aaah I literally feel your pain! I too have a frozen shoulder but I've also got Arthritis and I think the only treatment will be a shoulder replacement surgery. But I'm on a waiting list to even see a surgeon! Argh.

    I am the editor-in-chief of a new e-magazine, and there is a whole section on crafting and sewing, including an interview with Paula Prass, in our Fall issue. It was just released on Friday night. I hope you'll take a look!

    Found you via Posy Gets Cozy, by the way...

  10. Hi, I had frozen shoulder a few years ago. What helped me is water therapy which I did at the local gym's warm water pool. I moved gently in the water through various exercises and pushed it to do more each time, especially reaching up my back (ouch), but it beat having surgery. They did tell me that it usually fixes itself within a year, and a good way to stop your other shoulder from joining the frozen club is to "grab" the top of the doorway and stretch everyday (like partially walk through). Funny how a little reward feels so encouraging with therapy. Anyway, hope you're doing better!

  11. hope your shoulder is feeling better and that over all things are good!

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