Saturday, January 8, 2011

Excuse My Mess

Please excuse my little mess here on my blog.  As you can see, I have been changing things around and doing a little "house"keeping.  I'm still in the process (I can't believe I finally learned how to change my blog into a 3 column blog!) and I'm on my way to, hopefully, making it a little less cluttered, a little more organized, and maybe it will be easier to read.

And just so this post isn't pictureless, I'm sticking to my New Year's resoultion, so far.

This is Terry and I holding up a quilt that I started a year and a half ago.  Since Terry works at home being a long arm quilter, and I work at home, it's easier for me to come to her house and sew while she quilts.  My work doesn't involve being tied down to my house.  I can answer my phone and take orders.  Our other friend, Alana, is a former police officer and is now a 911 dispatcher.  What's most important, though, is that she is a beginner quilter.  We have decided that every Wednesday we will meet at Terry's house and sew while she quilts on customer quilts.  It gives us something to look forward to, and I'm beginning to get some things finished.  This week I finished squaring up the blocks to my Heart quilt. I hope to get all of the hearts sewn together so I can put the quilt top together next Wednesday.

It's nice to get some quilt tops tops finished, the backings sewn together, and out of my sewing room (and into Terry's for her to quilt them for me).  It's amazing how much space it takes to keep unfinished projects unfinished. 

I'm back to working on my blog, again.  I would like something, though, and maybe you could help.  I really like to look of simple blogs; uncluttered with a simple background.  I love puting other blog buttons on my blog and sometimes I feel that when I have a busy blog background there's just alot to see and it's sort of chaotic.  If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend! 



  1. I just love your quilt...and how be able to sew with a friend...

  2. Amanda I just love your heart quilt. And I would like to invite you to come visit my blog.

  3. Hi Amanda ! I like your new blog look .... fresh and clean !! I've been thinking of freshening up mine also ....I'm bored with the way it looks and want less clutter also .... just don't have the time to research how to do it and play around with it .... oh well, it's on the "to do" list .... the LONG and never ending "to do" list !

  4. Stopping in to say Hi. I hope you are well and had a nice holiday.

  5. Hi Amanda. I think your blog looks lovely. I was so happy to see that you're a scentsy consultant. I will likely be placing an order with you soon. I received one for Christmas and love it. Have a great day.

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