Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Welcome to my blog!  I'm so happy that you stopped by to see my entry into the Bloggers Quilt Festival!  I am looking forward to visiting your blogs, and seeing your beautiful quilts, as well.

The quilt I am entering is one that I made for my daughter, Julia,  for her graduation from High School.  The quilt pattern name is "BQ" and it is designed by Debbie Bowles from Maple Island Quilts.

Julia loves the color purple, so, once I found the light lavender background, and the dark purple for the "boxes", it was fun to shop around and try to find floral and geometric prints for the squares.  This makes more like a "controlled" scrappy quilt.  

"BQ" would also work well for using a "Layer Cake" from a fabric line like I did when I made Julia's best friend, Meredith, one for her graduation.  

Once you find a layer cake that you love, you can  find a background fabric and a darker fabric that contrasts between the background and the "layer cake" squares.  As you can see, this quilt pattern is very versatile and it's easy to make.  

My best friend, Terry, is my machine quilter.  

As you can see, she did a feather in the lavender fabric, a scroll in the dark purple, and a simple design in the floral fabrics.  

Thank you for visiting my blog!  Thank you, Amy, for coordinating this event and letting us share our love of quilting.  



  1. Cute quilts! Love the pattern!

  2. Beautiful!

    You know, I have had that pattern for years (right now it's in storage) because I love it but haven't found the right fabrics. Clearly - you have! I should really get on that.... :-)

  3. I found my background fabric first and made it really light. My dark fabric I found next, and made it really dark. When choosing the other fabrics, I would hold them up next to the dark and the light to make sure there was enough contrast. It's much easier to choose an off white background, a dark tone on tone print, and a layer cake! I like to "hunt" for fabrics; it's the thrill of it for me, but when you need to make something fast, a layer cake would be the best choice. Maybe this will inspired you to pull the pattern out of storage!

  4. That is a great pattern--I love strong diagonals in quilts and this sure has them. Wonderful fabric choices in both quilts, and equally wonderful quilting. Thanks for sharing your quilt's story.

  5. What a great way to showcase some large focal prints!

  6. nice design for graphic fabrics (larger scale I ought to say!)

    Check out my blog if you can...

    Margaret Gunn

  7. I'm sure the recipient loved this, it's great both at a distance and close up!!!

  8. I really like this quilt! It is so unique!

  9. Love the use of big scale prints in your quilt. Very nice.

  10. Your post is very easy to understand, very emotional. I hope I can see you again works!


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