Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Digging Through My Scraps

Once a month, the Quilt Guild, that I belong to, has a workshop where we learn how to make a quilt.  Next week we will be learning how to make a scrap quilt that uses 56 matching sets of 6 1/2" squares.  I thought it  would be a great time to go through my scraps to see what I have. 

I have my scraps organized by color in clear totes.

 Greens, blues, and white/off white backgrounds have their own tote.  However, yellows/browns/oranges are in a tote together,  pinks and purples are together in one tote, and reds and blacks share a tote, as well. 

The guild has a 6 1/2" square exchange where members can exchange 6 1/2" squares with each other.  I haven't participated in a few years because I have lots of 6 1/2" squares. 

I keep these in totes, as well. As you can see they aren't color coordinated, but over the years I have used them in many projects, so they have been tossed around and they  aren't very well organized.  Tonight I started ironing them, and gave up when I realized there were none that would make a matched set.  I can't decide whether or not to organize them by color and/or theme, or if I should add them to the other totes according to color. 

It's something to think about.  I will let you know what I decide.  

My next group of fabrics to search through are my baskets of fat quarters. For some reason,  my picture of them won't upload.  I have them organized by color, as well.  They are in baskets that sit on a shelf.  I don't consider fat quarters to be scraps, however, if I don't find matching sets in my larger scrap totes, I will cut fat quarters before I cut yardage that I have on hand. A scrap quilt in my collection of Civil War fabrics would be pretty, and it would take less time to cut. however, a scrap quilt made from left over fabrics from other projects would be just as pretty.  

Maybe one day I can have a scrap user's system like Bonnie Hunter's system here.

How do you organize your scraps?

Have a great day!


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