Monday, March 26, 2007

Carrots anyone?

I did manage to get some quilting done this weekend. I was making myself a carrot, and decided to make one for my daughter. I think it is so fun to have a daughter with her own home. When I make something for me, I usually make the same thing for her.

The carrot was a "quilt as you go" technique that makes it really quick and fun to make. I like quick projects because they let you have "instant gratification". The quilts I make usually take a long time, so it is fun to have something you can make in an afternoon.

As you can see, I learned how to add photos! Yippie!!!!

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  1. Yea Amanda !!! There's the carrot !!VERY CUTE !! So now you're one up on me -- you can do photos AND links on your blog !! I'm heading out for a walk before it rains, but when I get back (and after dinner is out of the way, and Evan's math homework, I'm gonna try and fiddle around with the link thing.)


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