Thursday, March 22, 2007

Okay, so THIS is why they have adult education classes!!

First of all, I'm sorry that the first people I ask to view my blog have to see it this way. Maybe I should have taken an adult education class from some computer guru who knows how to blog. I can write; boy can I write. It's the design "thing" I can't get a grip on. Oh well. Maybe my tech support(teenagers at home) can help me. I didn't really want to do that, but when all else fails, they seem to know everything.

Today is a rainy day here in my part of Kentucky. I love rainy days; just not too many of them. I have to have my sunshine!

Today I had to place an ad in the lost and found for my Grand-Dog, Kasey. He's a big, solid white American Bulldog. He's soooooooo sweet.

Kasey is my grand-dog, but he has a sister and three brothers that are my grand-humans. They call me Mom-Mom. That's so cute!!! Anyway, Alexis is 5, Cameron is 3, Brayden is 18 months, and Gatlin is 7 weeks. I just LOVE them!!! What I love even more is that they don't live with me, but they come see me all the time. I love that, too. They live about 15 minutes away. Alexis says that is too far, and it is just ridiculous!! She has a house picked out for her family one street over from me. It's so great to be so loved by such sweet little people.

I wasn't going to do put an ad in the lost and found at first; I just hoped he would go back home. But when I found out that Brayden, the 18 month old who doesn't talk yet, was walking in the yard with his arms held out screaming KASEY, my heart broke and I realized I was going to have to place an ad and offer a reward. Kasey sleeps with Cameron, the three year old. When my daughter was in the hospital giving birth to Gatlin seven weeks ago, Alexis was more concerned about who was going to take care of the dog. Afterall, she and Brayden were staying with me, Cameron was staying at a friends house, and dad was sleeping on the cushioned bench in the room. I assured her her daddy was taking care of Kaysey.

So...I hope someone sees the ad, sees the dog, and the dog is back in our life. Grand-Dad and I, Mom-Mom, are going looking around tonight. At least we can honestly say we tried.

I try so hard (sometimes it doesn't work)to get something quilty in my life every day. Afterall, I love to sew, I love quilts, and I have a ton on Works In Progress, also known as WIP's. I used to call them UnFinished prOjects, or UFO's, but Works in Progress sounds more positive, and besides that it makes a more understandable acronymn.

So, do you think I am going to work on a WIP today? Noooooooo. Us creative people are always getting creative ideas from other places and over at Pat's yahoo group we are making a carrot table runner. If you would like to make a carrot table runner click on to the free projects. Some of the girls are going to make their carrot not so pointy and make it an Easter Egg. They didn't have a lot of oranges, but they have a lot of pastels. So, they came up with the idea of the Easter Egg. Isn't it fun to be creative? You could decorate it with ribbon, rickrack, and beads. How fun!!!!

I'll keep working on my blog design...until then I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

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