Thursday, April 26, 2007

I got sick in Paducah

OMG!!! I look forward every year to going to Paducah to do all the things I love to do: shop, shop, shop! And what did I do??? I got sick! Ugghh!!!

I drove my Suburban (aka Long John) to Paducah. I noticed on the way there that I was starting to feel weird. All I wanted to do was sleep. So, I thought well, Steve was home this weekend, we stayed up late every night, the night before I didn't sleep because he snored all night, and we were on the go A LOT! That's not to mention that we had grandkids, other people's kids (thanks to having teenagers), and we have been househunting for a house for our daughter. I really should have taken a day of rest before I went, but I didn't, and I could tell.

I tried my best to have fun, and I did, but it's like it was a dream or something. I was in a fog the whole time. I saw a lot of friends from Ohio,Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, and Kentucky. I even met a lady from my hometown of Shreveport, LA. That was cool. She went to the same elementary school and high school that my husband went to. She was impressed that I still have my Southern accent (even after living in PA for four years). It's what makes me me!!!

The first place we went to visit was to Eleanor Burn's tent of $4 a yard fabric. I didn't buy much. See? I told you I wasn't feeling good. I did end up buying some cherry fabric to make my granddaughter a dress. I just love cherries.

We then went to the quilt show. I bought some bobbins for my Bernina, a few fat quarters, and a fat quarter pack to make a quilt for my neighborhood friend that is graduating from High School. I can't believe that is all that I bought. I just wasn't myself, but I really didn't need anything. I already have a Koala cabinet, I bought a Sew Ezi Table last year, which by they way I just absolutely LOVE, I have the most perfect tool (the #57 foot) for my Bernina, and I love my way of folding fabric, adequately demonstrated by Happy Zombie, so I didn't need the little plastic thingy's to wrap my fabric on. Could I be getting to the point where I don't need anything??????? Oh my!

After we left the quilt show we went to Hacocks of Paducah where I found this collection of fat quarters. In my next blog entry I will tell you a little more about this fat quarter pack.

All in all it was a fun day; I just wish I hadn't been sick.


  1. Amanda, I'm so sorry you got sick and "enjoyed Paducah and yet didn't". I hope you're feeling better.

    How much do you love your Sew Ezi table? I saw them in Chicago last year but have been on the fence. When do you use yours?

  2. I absolutely love my sew ezi table. I take it to workshops that my Quilt Guild has every month, and to retreats. I also take it downstairs so I can sew and watch TV with the kids. I take it with me to my sewing group (we go to each other's homes every month.) I could even take it outside and sew on my patio!

    What I really love about it is that it is even with my kitchen table. That works out great when I am machine quilting something.

    The best time to order one is when you go to a quilt show because the shipping is free. But it is still worth the price.


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