Monday, April 9, 2007

I Think I'm Allergic to Ham or is it Age????

Monday I did something that I never do. I took Julia to school, came home, and went back to bed. That is so NOT me. I usually go to the gym and workout, but there was no way. I had no energy what so ever.

I ate ham for our Easter dinner. I absolutely love the spiral cut ham's at Walmart. However, the past couple of years I have noticed that my face swells the next day. It is so bad that my eyes get swollen almost shut.
I wonder if I am allergic to ham or if my age is making me retain water. I know that food allergies make people do weird things, and it makes them really tired.

Something for me to think about; something that makes me go hmmmmmm.


  1. I felt the same way on Monday !!! I was SO tired -- I had to work and I was REALLY dragging !! When I got home, I decided to go for my walk (and DH came with me which meant I was really trotting to keep up-- and this usually wakes me up and energizes me -- not this time!! I was practically falling asleep while I was walking !!! ) -- AND my face (or at least my eyes and nose) looked puffy Monday morning, too!! I was thinking it had to do with salt in the ham? And wouldn't ya know I have a ton of left over ham in the fridge (and that's after giving some away to my mom and mother-in-law !) I don't want to throw it out, and my kids don't really eat it , and DH is a vegetarian -- so what the heck am I going to do with it? SHEESH !!!

  2. I have the same problem, Mary Ann! The spiral cut hams with the maple brown sugar don't taste good in sandwiches. lol

  3. Just discovered your blog and will visit often! Salt makes me puff up like a dragon! And if there is just the least bit of humidity in the air, I can hardly get my shoes on LOL!


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