Monday, April 9, 2007


My husband lives and works in Canada. He flies home every other weekend. Usually, if we aren't doing stuff around the house, we are busy with kids and grandkids. Here lately it's been all that, plus taxes! I don't mind the kid stuff, but taxes I can do without.

Saturday we decided that we were going to spend the day with just us. We ate breakfast at The Waffle House, where we ate great food, and were serenated by our waitress as she sung Loretta Lynn's "Coalminer's Daughter". I had to interrupt her to get a cup of coffee. She stopped singing, poured my coffee, and started singing again. I can't say too much. I have been known to show someone a country line dance routine in a quiet isle in Walmart.

After we ate, we went thrifting. We went to an antique mall in the downtown area. When Steve and I go thrifting he goes one way and I go another. He likes to find antique tools, and he looks for things he knows I collect.

I found this beautiful crocheted pot holder. It sort of reminded me of all of the other blogging crafters who are making crocheted granny squares.

I have been looking for an antique basket quilt. I spotted one! I jumped, squealed, and skipped over to see it. I forgot there were other people in the store. They laughed and said they understood. I didn't buy it because it wasn't in great shape and the price was too high. Steve came around the corner and I told him what I did. He wasn't surprised; it's just me.

The next stop was at an antique store that burned down a couple of years ago. They lost a lot of beautiful antiques, but are working hard to get back on their feet. I bought this 1950's table cloth. I love the pink and yellow. I also bought this green depression era cake plate, which will be so pretty holding my Italian Cream Cake.

So, to the romantic part. When we were checking out, Steve paid for my purchases. The man that owns the shop commented on how romantic that was. I never thought anything about it. Steve has always loved going anywhere with me. He doesn't mind going into quilt shops, antique shops, shopping malls, book stores, or coffee shops. Steve told the man that he isn't home much, and doing these kinds of things are fun to do together. Then he looked at me and told the man that he would do this even if he lived with me and was around all of the time. Yes, it was romantic.

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