Thursday, May 10, 2007

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I am trying to make a new header for my blog. I thought that I finally figured out how to do it, but I can't seem to "size" it the way I want. I'm about to lose patience, so I guess I better accept what I have got, and try again tomorrow. I think Mary Ann's idea to pay someone to do this sounds like a whole lot easier.

My house buying experience is going okay. My friend that is a home builder went and did the inspection for me. He doesn't like that the house sits so close to the ground. It also has a musty (is that how you spell it)smell that he doesn't like, so I have the termite inspection guy and the vapor barrier guy going over there to check for termites and mold. If those things are both present, then the deal is off.

Yesterday the home owner called me. He calls me every day wondering when closing is going to be. Well, I've got news for him: it will be when all the inspections are done, and when my lawyer is ready. Anyway, he called me yesterday. He always calls me when I am checking out at a store. That tells you a whole lot about me: I shop a lot. So, here I am at Walmart trying to get my daughter all ready (snacks) for a band trip to Chicago. He tells me that the people that he is buying a house from want proof from my bank that I applied for a loan and that we are in the process of getting things ready for closing. I could feel STEAM coming from my ears. I was soooooooooo mad, but I didn't let him know that. I was nice. (It's that southern charm rearing its sweet little head again).

I started getting a head ache. My TMJ stuff was kicking in (it probably didn't help that I had on a head-band), and my muscles along my temples were twitching. I'm not usually that way, but I guess I had had enough. So, I called my banker. I wasn't spouting off, but she could tell I was upset when I said that I didn't think this was ethical.

Missy started laughing, and she said that under normal circumstances it would be unethical, but it was common business practice for the other people selling their house to want to make sure that we aren't playing games. Oh...okay. Common business practice? Ok. I'm better.

The sweet thing about all of it is that yesterday my husband called me. This was before the "common business practice" thingy. He said that he is so glad that I have a level head, and he thinks that I am doing great handling all of the business aspects of this. Wow! I love getting compliments from him. I am learning a lot, and it is kinda fun. I just wish the homeowner would quit calling me!!!

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