Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Mary Ann has tagged me! I have to list 7 weird things about me, then I have to tag 5 other blogs!

1. I make up silly songs. My kids think it's funny. There's a song called "Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup" that my daughter Julia and I made up together. It would make a cute jingle for Campbell's Soup! There's one about me picking tomatoes in my garden. It has an old time country music flair, even though I don't care much for old time country. I could see Dolly Parton singing it. There's a song about me not being able to find clothes hangers. It's called "Where Have All The Clothes Hangers Gone?". It's to the tune of American Pie. I made up beautiful songs about the day my grandbabies were born. My first three grandkids birth months end in "ber". The fourth one was born in January, so I'm kinda having a hard time coming up with that one, but I'll have one before he realizes it. What's so adorable is that the last time we went to LA (the state. I always feel I have to say that!) was when my first grandson was born. I wasn't thinking and I started singing his song to him while I was rocking him. My Dad asked me what song that was and I told him I made it up for him. So, he started singing the song that he made up for me when I was a baby! How cute is that? I didn't know!

2. I'm constantly embarrassing myself. My husband travels a lot, so my neighbors look out for me. There's the time that I thought my electricity was faulty in my bedroom. My neighbor who is an electrician came over with all of his electrical equipment and testers for sockets. All I had to do was put in a new light bulb. There's the time I got my arm caught in the car seat and couldn't get it out. My granddaugther was 2 and no one else was home. I started screaming "Help" many times. I woke up my neighbor down the street. She came running in her PJ's. My next door neighbor came running. He helped me get my wrist out. Come to find out I was putting the seat belt through the wrong holes. Who knew? Alexis, however,learned a new word that day, "help". At least it wasn't a bad one.

The one that tops all times of me embarrassing myself was the day my washing machine went crazy. One night my washing machine started making this weird noise. It sounded like it was about to lift off. My dog even started barking at it! I turned it off and unplugged it. The next day I called a service repair man. He looked inside and couldn't find anything. Then he plugged it up. He heard what the dog and I had heard the night before, so he unplugged it again. He said, "I'll tell ya what. I'll lift up the washing machine and you can put my tool box underneath it so we can prop it up for me to take a look. Both of us were on the floor. He took out his pliers and started looking. He said, "Oh. Now I see what it is!" He pulled out his pliers holding a pair of my thong underwear!!!!. "This was wrapped around the motor!". OMG!!!!! I grabbed them from him and threw them in the trash!

3. I have dyslexia, even though I have never been officially diagnosed. My Mom and Dad thought it was cute that I could spell backwards. I could even read backwards. How adorable! Bless their hearts. They didn't know and my teachers obviously didn't know. I'm not so sure that 30 something years ago they even knew what dyslexia was! I do a lot of things backwards. Quilting has helped me a lot. I really have to think about what I am doing. What Terry (best friend) says she can do in 4 hours, takes me 8. I don't use a rotary cutter like a right handed person, and I don't use a rotary cutter like a left handed person. I cut like a left handed person with a right handed twist!

4. I have poetry that flows out of my head. All I have to do is sit in a quiet place for a little while and it starts flowing out of no where. It can sometimes drive me crazy. I once wrote a poem about my children that was 6 pages long. It's a beautiful poem. I once became overwhelmed while watching Fons and Porter doing all of these special stitches with their sewing machine that was just like mine. I then wrote a poem about all the things I could be if I had time for my creativity! I once heard someone say that "Quilting is like writing poetry. It's not because you want to; it's because you HAVE to". I completely understand.

5. Before I started quilting I did lots of other crafts. I needed to learn patience, so I learned how to do counted cross-stitch. I made this beautiful picture for my mom and gave it to her the day before my first baby was born. It was a poem that someone else wrote and designed, but it "fit" her so well. On the back of it I wrote, "I hope that I can be the best mom to my baby as you have been to me." That same year I entered it into the Louisiana State Fair. There were lots of entries, and I won first place!!!

6. I cry at serious times, and at times that it is not appropriate. They aren't boo hoo kind of tears like they are at serious times, nevertheless, they are embarrassing and down right weird! I have met several quilting celebrities and have done fine. I wasn't nervous, shaking, or crying. However, I saw Alex Anderson at the AQS Nashville Quilt Show, and I started crying! Tears were rolling down my face (were not talking "rock star groupie screaming" kind of tears) so bad that I couldn't talk to her. She never knew. Now I wonder what I would do if I met Monica, Heather, Pam, Pat and all of the other quilting celebrities here in blogland? Hopefully, I would give them a big hug and not cry!

7. I chew loud even when my mouth is closed. Is that weird or what? It drives my kids slab dab crazy, but my husband and friends have never said anything. It mostly happens while I am eating chips. I guess I don't eat chips around my husband, Terry, or anyone else that I eat with. I know for sure that if this was a really, big, huge problem my husband and my best friend Terry would say SOMETHING!!!


  1. Welcome to the society of weirdos !!!I especially like the one about the washing machine repair guy and your thong undies !!!! That's hysterical !!! Did you want to just crawl under a rock and die?!?!

  2. Yes. I grabbed them from his pliers and threw them away!

    Late on I asked him if I was going to be the joke of the day at the shop. He told me no, but then he smiled really big. I was probably the joke for the rest of the week!

  3. I think you really would cry when one day we meet... tears of disappointment! You'll be thinking This chick is Kookoo for Cocoa Puffs!

    I cry too... and I've even cried over seeing some quilts! I cried once when I saw Air Force One (Clinton Admin) when it was parked at Hickam AFB. It wasn't just an airplane... I danno how to describe it, but it brought me to tears. Pass the tissues and let's cry together!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you like my banner. I'm pretty happy with it. Wasn't easy to figure out. Grrrrrr

  5. I think all quilters are a little nutty and very creative people. I love the idea of you ith poetry in your head all day long. Do you keep a journel in your purse? You should jot down whats in your mind!!

  6. Yes, I jot stuff down all the time, especially since I am blogging. I have so much to say and tell!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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