Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy June!

I haven't posted in a while. I am still trying to find my "summer groove": that little routine that gets me accustomed to having other people home with me when they have been at school all day for the last nine months! It's the start and stop of doing things around the house, gardening, sewing, and blogging, to take her somewhere that sometimes has my head in a spin. And it has my teenage daughter's head in a spin, too, especially when she realizes that she can't sleep all day, and "yes, you still have to do chores during the summer" and "no, you can't have a slumber party every night!" She still has fun, though. She is learning that it's better to get your everyday stuff done so that you can play later. She is still learning, but all is going well.

Here's where you'll find me alot this summer: sitting on my back porch after I have gone for my long morning walk and working in my flower beds. You will also find me reading my favorite quilting magazines after I have done my everyday stuff like laundry and cleaning the house.


  1. I think your daughter and my 15 y/o son must be twins! During the summer if he had his way he'd have a sleep-over EVERY night and sleep until noonish every day! I have a hard time getting in the groove during the summer too as I (ahem) tend to sleep in a bit tool.

    Your yard is BEAUTIFUL and I love your sitting area. Love your mag selections too! ;o)

  2. Your little reading corner is so pretty :)

  3. I want your life! Your cozy sitting area is lovely.

  4. HOORAAY!!! I am soo glad that you like it! We haven't chatted in a while I am happy you are doing well. I wish I could read in your cozy corner!



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