Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tea Party

My friends and I get together every month at each others home to sew, visit, and of course, eat! We call ourselves "The Girls".

We take turns going to each others homes. My turn is always in December because I spoil them rotten by giving away quilt related door prizes, breakfast, lunch, and for dessert: my Italian Cream Cake!

This time it was Nell's turn to be the hostess. Now, we don't usually do a "theme", but for Nell we practically made her. Here's why. We were on a retreat back in February. Nell had been sewing with us for three days. On the third day around 3:00 she said that her Homemaker's Club was coming to her house for a tea party. A tea party that night??? I would have had to skip the retreat, clean for a week, and cook. The cooking part alone would have been enough to send me over the edge.
We then told Nell that when it was her turn to have "The Girls" over, she was having a tea party. Here's Nell with her spread of delecious goodies, and her quilted "tea party" wallhangings and table runner.

Going to a tea party means dressing up and wearing a hat, according to this Southern Belle (me). Terry came by to pick me up. She's not really a dress person, so she wore her cute capri's, a cute shirt, and some pearls.

We were going out of my neighborhood when all the sudden I saw a garage sale that had a green desk that I needed for my daughter's home that we are decorating for her.
We just had to stop! Here we go, all dressed up in our cute little outfits, and pearls. I'm sure we looked funny as people drove by compared to the ones who crawled out of bed and went to a garage sale.

Terry and I have this little "thing" about art. Some people don't cherish the art that their families make so they end up in thrift shops or garage sales. Terry and I have our price limit. If it's under $3 we rescue it. We hit it big that day.

With our art in hand, my desk waiting patiently for my return, we went to the tea party.

Not only did we have a tea party, we also had an art showing, and a quilt show.

We had so much fun acting silly, visiting, and eating such great food. I don't think any of us sewed that day!

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  1. Looks like a really fun day !!! You all look quite elegant in your pretty hats !!


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