Monday, September 3, 2007

Woo Hoo!! Nashville was so Much Fun!!!

My trip to Nashville to the American Quilter's Society Quilt Show was so much fun. I went with about 40 ladies on a bus that we chartered. When everyone saw the bags I brought in for Terry and me they thought that either I was planning to move there, or buy the place out. Well, I didn't move there (wish I could), but my bag was overflowing just a little. Thank God the sewing machine is being shipped by UPS!

The first booth Terry and I visited was Tammy Tadd's. Isn't she beautiful? And she's so sweet! Terry and I called the girls that worked for her the "Woo Hoo Girls". Every time we visited their booth (about 4 times) they would holler "Woo Hoo"! They are so fun. I have always loved Tammy's booth, but since I feel like I "know" her now, I love it even more. I didn't think that could be possible! I guess you could say my first visit to her booth was a "meet, greet, and take our picture".

My second trip to Tammy's booth was to buy this gorgeous fabric from Holly and the purse pattern on the left.

The other two patterns I bought because I love Snowmen and the quilt pattern will work so well with the "Tickled Pink" (Robyn Pandolf) fabric I bought in the next picture. I already have 7 yards of the large pink floral in the Tickled Pink that I bought at Hobby Lobby for $4 a yard. It's one of those fabrics that I love, and had to have, but didn't know what to do with it. I think the pink floral will be so pretty down the two sides, with all of the fat quarters for the rest of the blocks. I had that "ah ah! moment" while I was all alone in my sewing room, which doesn't happen very often these days.

I bought this adorable Christmas Table Runner kit. Pieces of My Heart makes such adorable patterns and I just love Sandy Gervais's Holly Jolly fabric collection.

I can't go to a quilt show and not buy gadgets. The first one is a scallop maker. Terry and I watched the demo last year, got distracted (I think it was a cat quilt from another booth) and forgot to go back to get the scallop maker. We regreted that. I don't know why because neither one of us made a quilt where a scallop maker was needed, but now we have one for "just in case!"

Don't ask me why I bought the yo-yo maker. I think it is because the girls over in Pat Sloans group were talking about it. I dreamed about it one night, and I guess I thought that I really needed one. Pat says we do, so now I am ready to add yo-yo flowers to my creations.

Pat likes beading, too. However, I think she sews most of her beads on. Terry and I found this really cool gadget where you take little beads, put this heat thing on it, and the beads stick FOREVER. Sparkly quilts: Here I come!!!

My third trip to Tammy's booth was to buy fabric for my daughter, Julia, to make a pillow in her fashion and design class. She said she would be happy with fabric at Walmart, but I told her if I bought fabric of Holly's at Tammy's booth it would be unlike anyone in her class! She is going to make two pillows for her bed.

I thought since one of the requirements for her class was to have a sewing machine available to her at home I should buy her this cute Janome. I have 6 sewing machines, including first one I ever had, but I thought she would like her own. I even bought a 1/4 inch foot just in case she wants to make a quilt some day. Who knows?

I ran into my friend, Judy, while she was eating an ice cream cone. This really isn't a very good picture of me because I was laughing too hard. I was teasing Judy about being a quilting celebrity. She has her first book out. I am so happy for her!

My fourth, and final trip, to Tammy's booth was to hug her good-bye. Terry and I were the last ones on the bus, which is the way it always is. We can never have too much fun, fabric, or (for some odd reason) sewing machines.


  1. You're trip sounds wonderful and I'm so glad you showed all the goodies!

    This is so funny... I'm just now reading your posts and in comes an email that you've just posted on my blog! We were visiting each other at the same time! Too cool!

    Could it have been the work of St. Anthony????? ;-)

  2. YOUR trip... not YOU'RE trip. UGH.

  3. I suppose it could be! We found each other! lol

  4. OOhh ooohh, Amanda --- sounds like you had a great trip !!!


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