Friday, September 7, 2007

Apron Day at Quilt Guild

I have been a member of my local Quilt Guild for the past 11 years. Out of those 11 years I have been a director(advisor) for two years, the Program Chairperson (coordinates a monthly workshop, and other fun stuff)for 2 years, and secretary for 1 year. I have been the chairperson of 2 quilt shows (my third one is coming up in June 2008), and I have chaired two large events called "Quilter's Day Out" in honor of National Quilting Day, which is the third Saturday in March.

The past two years, however, have been the most rewarding and most exciting for me serving as President. Talk about fun! We have 160 of the most talented, creative, intelligent women that I have ever met (and then there are all of you guys in blogland). Yesterday was my last full meeting to be President. Yesterday was the last time they will hear me say, "Meeting Adjourned".

I had to go out with a bang. I had to let my last day be memorable for me, as well as for my members. At the August business meeting I told them to bring or wear their favorite apron. They just sat and stared at me. I don't think some of them knew that aprons are making a huge comeback as something to make, something to wear, or even something to collect.

Well, yesterday they surprised me. The response was so exciting. They shared their aprons, their stories, and they loved showing them off. It brought back a lot of memories of their mothers, grandmothers, and even wedding presents from 50 years ago!

Here is a picture of mine (pink) and Anna Ruth's aprons. She saw mine, and said it was like hers! Sure enough, the stitches are almost the same. Her apron was her Mom's, and my apron was my Mom's. The stitching on them is almost just alike. We laughed and said that it was probably in a magazine or something.

At our guild meetings we always have a devotional before the meeting starts. Doris was supposed to do the devotional, but Joyce did it instead. She wore her fancy, frilly apron. We call her Miss Fashion because she always dresses so cute and quilty! Anyway, her devotional set the mood for the entire meeting. She read a poem about aprons, mom's, and grandmothers.

Nell is my Vice President. Her mother recently passed away, and while she was going through her mother's belongings, she found a lot of aprons. She had mentioned that she did a presentation of her Mom's apron collection at a Homemaker's meeting. I told her I thought that would be fun to do for the Guild. Here I am getting my picture made with Nell while she is giving her presentation. The apron she has on won first place in the county fair; the judge (a man) was impressed with all of the bias tape trim. How funny is that?

One of my favorite aprons was this one with the appliqued cherries.

While going through her mother's apron collection, she also found a pattern for an apron out of newspaper print. Terry is holding up the apron Nell's mom made with the pattern. Angela has on the same apron. It was one that someone made for her as a wedding present 50 years ago.

I will miss being President. However, I am looking forward to a new person being in charge to see what fun and exciting ideas she has for our Guild. Change is good, and one that I hope everyone will accept. I have them spoiled rotten, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love them all.


  1. Look at all those CUTE aprons!! Great idea for a guild meeting -- especially you're Grand Finale' !!Enjoy resting on your laurels , Madam President!!(and letting somebody else do all the planning!)

  2. Congratulations on what I'm sure was a great job as president! Your lucky guild! <--- Lucky when you were pres... not that they are lucky now that your term is over.

    I'm swooning over the aprons. OMG! Lovin' that cherry one especially!


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