Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Finish Something!!

Unfinished PrOjects (UFO's), Works in Progress (WIP), or whatever you like to call those projects that you start but haven't finished: I have a ton of them. How about you?

I have projects that will take a few hours to finish to projects that will take a day or two. I even have some projects that all they need is the binding!

Sometimes I need a push to finish something and Mary Ann did just that!

This is Pumpkin Diva's, designed by Linderella. She designs for McCall's quilting, and I just love everything she does. This one I started last year. All I had to do was quilt it, embellish it, and hang it on the wall!

This is another Linderella design, but it was in McCall's Quick Quilts. I made two: one for my daughter and one for me. I finshed my daughter's last year, and I finished this one for me!

This one I had all the way finshed (quilted and binding put on) but I still had to stitch "Trick or Treat". This is a design by Pat Sloan that she had in Quick Quilts one year.

Thanks for the "push", Mary Ann. I got some things finished and my house decorated for Halloween!

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  1. WOW !!! Amanda -- look at you go !!! I need to put my money where my mouth is !!! I seem to talk a big game -- and not get finished as much as I intend to!!!YIKES !!! You really showed me up (good for you!!!) I better get moving on my "Finish what you have" projects before they disintegrate! (especially now that you're WAY ahead of me!!!!)


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