Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This is my youngest grandson. Isn't he adorable? He is 9 months old today, his first Halloween.

I love Halloween! I think it is because, since my birthday is so close to Halloween, my birthday parties always had a Halloween theme. When I was a little girl I always had a Halloween birthday cake, and my cousins and I would go Trick or Treating. As a teenager, I would have a Halloween birthday cake, sleepovers, and vists to the Haunted Houses.

As an adult, I love to decorate my house for Halloween. It's nothing too spooky, but still fun: quilted fun. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my Halloween quilts, and how I decorate with them.

Pumpkin Diva's


Three Amigo's Table Runner and my Candy Corn Hurricane candle holder.

Look Who's 40! My Halloween Birthday Party when I was 40. My friend Terry made it for me as a signature quilt. Everyone that came to my party, and who I saw that day, including the doctor that delivered my first grandson on my 40th birthday, signed my wallhanging. I even took it to Louisiana to let my family sign it.

Happy Jack, another Pat Sloan design. He hangs above my mantle along with more candy corn hurricane candle holders.

A cute quilt I didn't have to make. I found it at Cracker Barrel a few years ago. I made the three pumpkins in a ceramics class I took in DuBois, PA in 1992. It's amazing what all us quilters/crafters can do!

This is Happy Jacks. They hang behind my couch. I found this quilt in the September 1999 issue of Fons and Porter. There were some Bad Jacks in the quilt design, but since my family is always known as the "smileys", we couldn't have any jacks with frowns!

This is the quilt that used to hang with the Pumpkin Diva's before I made the Pumpkin Diva's quilt. It is a Thimbleberries design. I love them sitting on the fence.

This is my cat, Izzie! Isn't he pretty sitting with a pumpkin!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my Halloween decorations and quilts. I make a new one every year. After a while they accumulate and start to decorate your home. I love it! I would show you the Halloween Turning Twenty, but it is on the kids' bed right now (and it's not made up!).

Join me, Mary Ann, and lots of other blogs over at Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun for some Halloween fun!


  1. Love your decorations, especially that groovy Halloween cat! Happy Halloween :)

  2. I love your lovingly done!!
    And love grandson...his hair is so gorgeous!!! I hope he has a wonderful first Halloween!!

  3. bring izzy on over
    to the Blog Halloween Party!


    all species are welcome!

    here, have some eye-of-newt fudge.
    i made it myself!

    watch out out the nuts
    as i left them in the shell...

  4. trick or treat! I love all those beautufil halloween quilts!! have a scary night! stop by and meet me at my blog party !

  5. Such fun! I admire your quilting abilities...I am too type A to make them as crooked seams make me now I just layer on rough edges! :o)

  6. Adorable Halloween decor! I love the Turning 40 quilt - what a great face on that pumpkin! Have a wonderful Halloween AND a fabulous birthday!!

  7. How festive things are at your house, Miss Amanda. I have a grandson due the end of January, and I can h a r d l y WAIT!

  8. Your grandson is adorable. Next year he will have so much fun. I love all of your Halloween decorations and wallhangings.

  9. Happy Halloween! He is the cutest. I think I'll eat him up for Halloween...

  10. Wow, the award for the most Halloween quilts would have to go to you. Thank you for showing them.
    Happy Hallowen

  11. What an adorable child! I love the quilty decorations! So glad you came to the party, nice to meet you!

  12. great decor...have we danced yet...hope you're having a ghoulish day...blessings, rebecca

  13. Izzy is divine! Your grandson is the cutest! Love his shirt too.
    Thanks for joining in the craziness!!!

  14. *~* Happy Halloween *~*
    I love all the halloween quilts! I really want to learn to quilt but so far I still don't own a sewing machine. :oP

  15. Lovely decorations! I just wanted to visit and say Happy Halloween! :)

  16. Love your quilts! Thanks for sharing your Halloween Fun with all of us. Have a great Hallows EVE!

  17. Your grandson is so adorable and I love all your Halloween decorations.

  18. Happy Halloween to you too:-) I ran out of time to visit everyone at the Ball last night so I'm continuing to party this morning! hehe Oh my, I so LOVE your Halloween themed quilts, they're gorgeous! Also love all your other decorations, everything looks delightful! xo

  19. Your little grandson is ADORABLE !!!! His first Halloween -- how fun !!

    Also, love all of your quilts !!! Aren't you PRODUCTIVE !!!

    ....And, cute kitty!

  20. Still wandering through meeting Halloween party bloggers. How fun to see all your Halloween quilts. I have so many quilty ideas and they never seem to manifest in actual projects. Grandson is cute, Izzie is cute too. Mom mom was born on Halloween but she collects Santas. I was born nearer Christmas but I collect witches - go figure.

  21. Hi, Amanda! I've enjoyed a nice long visit to your blog. Wonderful Halloween decorations! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I went to school in Shreveport during most of my school years and taught in Shreveport when we moved back to this area.

    Thanks again for visiting and taking the time to comment!


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