Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Have a New Favorite Movie

This is my new favorite movie. My husband took me to see it this afternoon. It's one of those movies where when you leave, you want to go back and watch it again. I did that with "There's Something About Mary". Anything that makes me laugh that hard(where I can't breathe)I want to see again...really soon!

I could so relate to this movie only because I have been a bridesmaid numerous times ever since I was 9 years old. Every bride always tells you that you can cut the dress off and wear it again (yeah right), but you know you never will.

I have been a bridesmaid when I was too huge to be a bridesmaid (and I wasn't even pregnant). Darts and full skirts don't look great on a big girl with three chins and huge hips!!

I have been a bridesmaid when I was 8 months pregnant, in the hot sun, in a rose garden. Oh, and it was humid! That did nothing for my hair, or the brides! I think her hair messed up when the horse drawn carriage got lost on the way to the rose garden.

I have been in a rainbow wedding with parasols. The other seven bridesmaids wore pastel colors. My dress was dark rust so it would match the carpet in the church. Once I was a bridesmaid all dressed and ready to go down the aisle, when the bride realized the wedding gown place brought the wrong dress (3 sizes too small). The wedding gown place was an hour away. The guy had to drive an hour and back an hour with the right dress. Much to my amazement, the pianist entertained the audience, and nobody left. My feet hurt from wearing those cheap shoes that we had to get dyed to match the dress.

Not only have I been a bridesmaid many times, but I have also been the official cake cutter (that's just as important and being a bridesmaid to some brides!). That skill comes in handy whenever at birthday parties, and other events where there is a cake and no one knows how to cut it. I step up and always "save the day"! I have also been the person who sits at the book that people sign, sort of like a wedding door greeter.

This movie is so worth seeing. The entire audience, both men and women, was in hysterical laughter like me. If you go, let me know what you think!

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  1. Guess I'm just gonna go and see that movie and think of you while watching. LOL!!! Really, you wanted to trip the bride?? ROFLOL


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