Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday Stash Busting Report

Ok, Amanda. So, what does this mean? I am notorious for writing notes to myself when I get (burned out) busy with other things. Obviously I get burned out with note writing, too, or I would be more specific!

This is the quilt those pieces belong to. I started this in August of 2006, and taught it as a class at one of our Guild's workshops. It came from the book Nickle Quilts. The quilt author named it "Paducah Nine-Patch", but I named it "Road to Paducah" because our Guild was taking a road trip to Paducah the same month I was teaching the workshop.

The blocks are beautiful. They take some time to cut and to make, which is true of scrap quilts. My purpose of this workshop was to teach the class that we should enjoy the process of quilting. So many times we want to make a quilt in a day, and that's great when want some instant gratification, but some quilts take time. It's fun to touch all the scraps, cut them in little pieces, coordinate their colors, and put them together. Each little 8 1/2" block is so adorable after I press it.

I guess I was talking to myself because I sure have taken some time to get this quilt done! Right now it is a lap size, but I intend to have it be a queen. My goal for this quilt is for it to hang in my guild's 25th Anniversary Quilt Show.

I've got parts of it here,


and here.

My plan on how to get it finished is to do a few blocks a day or something like that. I may even take it with me when I go to Savannah, GA for a few days.

Other "stashy" things I did last week were to get my UFO's in cute little boxes (and out of the shoe boxes) and put them on their new shelf.

My fabric collections went in cute little boxes on this shelf.

Isn't he adorable? This is my great nephew, Gavin. I am going to see him this coming weekend, so I bought some fabric to make him a quilt. His dad is in the Airforce and is stationed in Iraq. I found some Airforce fabric at Hobby Lobby, so I decided to make Gavin a baby quilt. I have already started on his quilt. It is a huge star.

Stash busting efforts: none, but I did touch most of my stash and put it in cute little boxes on my new shelves. That does count, right?
Fabric In: 4 yards
Fabric used for the month of January: 18 inches


  1. Maybe now you can change the name to Road to Savannah *s*

  2. Amanda, I'm wallet busting. LOL!!! I went to a quilt shop today and bought MORE fabric. LOL Love that Road to Paducah quilt. Very pretty.

  3. Hi;I was so glad to find another quilter from Kentucky.I am a struggling quilter form Kentucky.I havent made many quilts but quilting is something that I love.
    I look forward to reading your blog.
    Best Wishes

  4. Great deep but soft colors in that quilt. Gavin - great old fashioned name.


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