Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ironing Board Show and Tell

Libby is having a leap year/Sadie Hawkins Day giveaway. All we have to do is post a picture of our ironing board, write a post about it, and give the link to Libby. At 8:00 pm Pacific time on February 29 she will draw a name from the many, many posts she has received.

This, my dear bloggy friends, is why I don't go to the trouble of making my own ironing board cover. I just bought it a couple of months ago. It's Martha Stewart from K-Mart. It's a pretty aqua like blue that goes so well in my yellow sewing room. Look at that stain that's already on it! Oh well, at least it looks better than what I had. I don't have a picture of it, but it was an ugly green and had holes in it.

Now to my other ironing surface: my June Taylor Cut and Press. It's an ironing surface on one side, and a handy cutting surface on the back. It's easy to take to workshops, and it allows you to have have a place to iron or cut right by your sewing machine. As you can see, mine is in bad shape. There are no holes, but again I ask "How did those stains get there?" If I didn't know better I would think went to battle with a diet coke and a cup of coffee!

It looks like I need to heat up the hot glue gun for some serious repair work. Wait a minute...I must have already done that! I guess I better heat up the glue gun, again!

Go on over to Libby's blog to the condition of hers and many others ironing boards. I'm just glad she's not challenging us to show the bottoms of our irons!

Take care!



  1. Are you sure that is YOUR cut and press? Mine looks just like it down to needing to be reglued! Wait, maybe my ironing surface isn't as, uh, dark as yours:0)

  2. Ok that second ironing board has some serious issues. I think the diet coke and coffee won in that battle. LOL!!

  3. Your MS cover is very pretty . . . Martha would definitely approve. I got a good chuckle over your Cut and Press - I have one in a much similar condition. While I'm not at all bothered by my 'patchy' standard board, I broke down and bought a new C & P just for classes and workshops . . . but I still use the 'ugly' on exclusively at home *s*

  4. You might try 2 part clear apoxy on your ironing/cutting tool. Pretty ironing board cover.


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