Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quiltathon Fun!

Wow! Two posts today. That's great for me!

A few days ago I was thinking it would be fun if us bloggers could do something fun together. At Pat Sloan's Yahoo Group we had a retreat one weekend. We sewed, posted pictures, talked back and forth; it was great. Mary Ann and Nancy were a part of it, too. Mary Ann brought Weight Watchers snacks, and Nancy's husband didn't quite understand how someone Nancy had never met or seen before could keep her busy sewing with people she didn't know for a weekend. These two girls are so funny!

I love getting together with my friends and sewing. Now that I have so many friends in blogland I think it would be fun to sew with you all, too! So, there I was wondering how I could get this idea going, when I clicked on Judy's blog and saw where she had the same idea, too! We do that often. I guess great minds think alike. She's just jumps in and does things. I think about it too hard, wonder what people will think, blah, blah, blah.... She's originally from Louisiana, too, but she talks fast, sews fast, and gets things going. My Southern ways are so laid back.

Look over on my sidebar and you will see the "Quiltathon" button. Click on it and it will take you to Judy's website where she will tell you more about everything. She has wonderful ideas to get you prepared for your marathon of quilting, whether it be for an hour or an all nighter!!

If you join, tell her that I sent you!



Be sure to scroll down to the next post. I baked some cookies for you!


  1. Hey Amanda, thanks for the link to my blog...I won't be joining this weekend (unless I can change DH mind),but will join the next weekday quiltathon.

  2. Hi Amanda ! (oops, wait....let me chew and swallow those yummy tea cakes you baked ..... Ok ... now maybe you can understand what I'm saying!) .... ANYHOW .... what a great idea to have a Quiltathon! ... I'm going to try and participate this weekend .... now I have to try and figure out how to put the Quiltathon "button" thing on my blog (I'll have to consult the teenagers .... and endure the eye rolling and BIG sighs of impatience!)

    ...... AND all of your projects are GREAT (I LOVE those carrots I saw as I read down the page .)


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