Friday, February 22, 2008

It's About Time!

I told you that I was going to share some pictures with you about the Christmas Sewing Retreat that I blogged about, but then never showed pictures. Well, it's about time!

Terry(BFF,no computer,no blog) called me the night before the retreat. She had bought some things at the store to give our room that we were going to be sewing in some Christmas Spirit. Knowing that I have tons of Christmas quilts and wall hangings, she asked if I could bring some to decorate the place up a bit. I knew this meant our sewing room and our dorm. Even though I had already decorated for Christmas, I got busy taking down wall hangings and loading up larger quilts for our beds.

I was able the provide just about everyone with a Christmas quilt for their bed. Next year I'll bring more!

Terry made each of us little Christmas trees to sit at our tables. She hung lights everywhere! Julie brought her Bose radio, and we listened to Christmas music the entire time.

These are some of the wall hangings that I brought. The first one is Christmas Wreath from Thimbleberries. The Snowman wall hanging is Frosty Lights, also from Thimbleberries. The Santa is from Nancy Halverson of Art to Heart. The Frog is also a Nancy Halverson design. The Santa and the Frog come in the same pattern.

For 3 fun filled days we sewed and sewed, and sewed some more. The cook at Mt. Saint Joseph's Center cooked all of our meals for us. It was so nice.

Here is what I was able to finish:

My daughter, Laura, a circle quilt.

Another Christmas wall hanging. I make a new one each year! This is one of Pat Sloan's designs. I was able to sew it, applique it, and quilt it all in one day! It's so fun to go home with something completely finished!

These two quilts went to my husband's nephews for their Christmas present.

The best thing to have is a best friend with a quilting machine! Terry was able to quilt these up for me so that I could give them as Christmas presents. Here are Garrett(standing there with me) and Matthew(sitting) with their quilts. They live in Texas. When their dad heard that we were coming to Louisiana and that I had made the boys quilts, they came to spend Christmas with us while we were visiting Steve's family and mine. I love to give people quilts, but I don't enjoy giving them when I can't see their faces when they open them.

Laura, our daughter, loved hers, too!

My "Be Merry" gingerbread wall hanging looks adorable on one of my entry way walls.

I love it when I am able to go on a retreat and get so much done. I think it's really important to have a plan and bring more than what you think you will finish. It's better to have too much than not enough, just in case you get on a roll and have finished projects everywhere! That way you don't have to go home and get more!

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I just noticed that the quilt that Laura is holding doesn't have it's binding on! Oh well! That's one of the "perks" about being a quilter's kid. At least it was quilted! lol I did manage to get it all the way finished.


  1. Wow! impressive! maybe some day I will be as accomplished at quilt making as you!


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