Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sunday Stash Busting Report/Having Surgery

I just got home from a quick trip to Savannah, GA. Steve and I left on Friday afternoon, spent the night in Manchester, TN, and made it to Savannah on Saturday afternoon.

I love Savannah. It is such a quaint town with cobblestone roads, beautiful buildings, great seafood, and my niece and great nephew who live on the ocean. Steve and I left the kids here (my son is 20so he took care of Julia).

My purpose of going on this little trip was to get away a few days before my surgery and to spend a day alone with my sewing machine while Steve was in a meeting at work. Oh. I didn't tell you I was having surgery, did I? Hmmm. Well, lets just say that I am going to enter the world of menopause on Thursday morning. For some reason having a hysterectomy isn't scaring me; its the menopause that is.

I think I figured it out. Now this may be more than what some people want to read about, but we're sitting on my little couch and we're girl talking! Do you remember when you started your periods? For me it was this HUGE change that I thought would last forever. I didn't have a good experience with it. I didn't even know what it was because my Mom never talked to me about it. It wasn't because she was this weird mom, it was because she was 15 when she started hers, so she thought I would be, too! WRONG! I was 11. I was totally freaked out. Anyway, I eventually accepted it and moved on.

I joined my quilt guild almost 12 years ago. For 12 years I have experienced the change of life with a lot of these women. I have learned that if I want to be comfortable at guild meetings, I should carry a sweater. They don't care if I am cold, what matters most is that they are sweating, red faced, hot. Evidently it is easier for me to get warm than it is for them to get cooled off from a hot flash. I disagree, but they don't, so I always wear a sweater. Then again, I have never had a hot flash.

I always wondered when the day would be that I would be going into menopause. I expected it to be this huge surprise sort of like when I started my period the first time. But it's not. It's this coming Thursday. Please say a prayer for me, and wish me luck on the menopause. I think I'm going to need it!

Now for my stash busting report. I didn't take "Road to Paducah" with me on my trip to Savannah, nor did I finish quilting my great nephew's big star quilt I was making him out of Airforce fabric. I did, however, bring my Star Crossing scrap quilt that I started at a workshop last January. It is made up of what seems like a million half square triangles. When I went home to LA for a week for Christmas, I took the half square triangles with me and squared them up while I was visiting with people. I can't stand to sit still, especially when there are 1,000,000 half square triangles to trim.

It only made sense to bring that quilt with me to work on for my Monday alone in a hotel room in Savannah, GA. I got 48 blocks completed, with 30 partial blocks done. I was so proud of me! I never get that much done at home.

I love the look of it when 4 blocks are set together.

I won't be online for a few days due to the fact that I will probably be too drugged up and sore to sit at the computer and try to write a decent post. However, I do have some catching up to do with you all, so I'll be posting about all that over the next few weeks.

Stash busting report this week: Fabric in: zero
Fabric used: 1,000,000 half square triangles


  1. Good luck with your surgery!! I'm sure all will fine. OH except for the menopause. LOL!!! Get well and get back to blogging soon.

  2. Good luck with your surgery. If it is any comfort to you, I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 26 years old. I have been on estrogen replacement therapy ever since. It really is not that bad. I have done the hot flash thing and the time it bothers me the most is at night, but it is not that often. I have noticed that I can't tolerate the extreme heat quite as well as I used to. You will be alright.

  3. Good Luck with your surgery. I had the same one 15 years ago at age 40. I had NO problems with menopause...hopefully you won't either.

  4. Good luck--the recovery time afterwards is the biggest hurdle. And hot flashes--who cares after getting rid of those "female parts"!! I wanted to throw a party after my surgery.


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