Saturday, February 16, 2008

Love U and Cupcakes

This is Alexis, my six year old granddaughter. Alexis came over today to visit me, and she brought these:

I wasn't able to see her on Valentine's Day, so she and my daughter made me some cupcakes, my favorite food! She also made me a candy bracelet with a heart on it that says "Love U".

Alexis is having a hard time in accepting the fact that she can't spend the night with me right now. She says that she needs to stay here so she can take care of me. She also says that she needs a break from her 3 brothers and is ready for some "girl time" with Mom-Mom. I'm ready for some girl time with her, too!

Her favorite thing to do with me is to lay in bed, read magazines, and watch TV. She loves to look at purses, clothes, and shoes and tells me which ones would look great on me.

In the summer she loves to come over and help me work in the flower beds. You can ask her where everyone in the family works and she will tell you. However, if you ask her where I work she will tell you that I wash flowers. That's so cute!

She loves fabric. She always has. I took her to Walmart one day when she was 2. She was having a terrible two tantrum and I was ignoring her as I was walking into the fabric department. All of the sudden, she shut up her screaming and said, "Mom-Mom. FABRIC. I looked down, her arms were spread far apart and her eye's with a glassy, googly look, and her mouth opened wide. Oh, how I know that feeling when I walk into my favorite quilt shop! She especially loves to help me sew. She hands me squares to sew together. After about an hour, she gets tired, and wants to do something else. Sometimes I do, too!

We'll get our girl time, soon. Until then, Alexis, I Love U, too!


  1. What a sweet girl! Isn't it great she is starting to love fabric early?

  2. Your grandaughter is adorable!!! Your so lucky!

  3. How lucky to have such a sweet grandaughter, and one that loves fabric :-)!


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