Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter/Sunday Stash Busting Report

Happy Easter, everyone!

Last week was so busy with the Sew-Along and Quiltathon, I forgot to do my Sunday Stashbusting Report. For those of you who may be new to my blog, Judy is trying to encourage us to use our stash of fabrics before we go out an buy more. This doesn't mean that we can't buy fabric, it just means that the perfect fabric for your quilt may be sitting on the shelf in your quilting studio. Each week we are to tally up our totals of fabrics that we used from our stash and fabrics that we bought just to see what kind of stashbusting we have done.

My stashbusting efforts are to try to get some Unfinished Projects completed. So far I have done well and finished some things. The fabrics that I have purchased have been to help complete some of these projects. For example, the baby quilt that I wrote about here.

So, here we go to this week and last weeks stashbusting reports.

First the fabric in. I have been collecting coffee themed fabrics for quite some time now because, since I am a coffee drinker, I thought it would be fun to have a Turning Twenty "I Love Coffee" Quilt. While I was at Hobby Lobby one day just strolling past the fabric department, I saw two coffee themed fabrics, so I bought 1/2 yard of each. I then went to the clearance aisle and found the backing for the cofffe quilt at $2 a yard, so I bought 5 yards. That's 6 yards all together.

Here are the other fabrics that I think would be cute in my coffee themed quilt. I love the first dish towel. My friend, Terry, spotted it at a quilt show and said they made that one for me! Sorry to say, but she's right! lol The dishtowel in the last picture I got at Walmart. I loved the colors, and thought it would go well in my quilt.

This week I made another baby quilt. This used 1 1/2 yards for the top and binding.

I also made a purse for my oldest daughter, Laura. It is called The Fold Over Bag. It uses 4 fat quarters. That's one yard of Chez Moi by Moda. I filled it with candy, "The Bee" movie, and used it today as her Easter basket. She loved it. That's 1 yard for the outside of the purse, and 1 yard for the lining.

I have decided to make my Star Crossing larger. I have been busy this week making adjustments, adding things, taking things away, and it's going to look so pretty. I have no idea how much fabric I have used, but believe me when I say that it has been a true stashbuster. It looks a little frazzeled on my design wall right now, but I'll shoot a picture of it sometime this week.

Okay. It's late. My mathmatically challenged brain isn't working right now, but from what I can tell, I used a lot of fabric.

By the way, remember to leave a comment on my post about it being my Bloggy Birthday! There's a giveaway and you could win!!! If you have posted, thanks so much for all the sweet comments.

Take care!



  1. Your coffee fabrics are so cute and the dish towel is a scream! Can't wait to see the coffee quilt! Maybe you could call it 'powered by coffee'!

  2. Love the coffee fabrics. So much fun! I couldn't make it through the day without it.

  3. The coffee quilt should be beautiful with those wonderful fabrics.

  4. congradulations on your blog aniversary.
    All those coffee fabrics are great
    Can't wait to see the quilt.
    Cute purse to.

  5. Cute purse and what a clever idea to use it as an Easter basket!!
    Happy Blogiversary!!!

  6. I love your coffee fabrics! The one that says do stupid things faster is one of my favorite sayings...only I didn't know it was fabric!!! I've just seen it on towels and aprons...I need to find that fabric!!!!


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