Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy National Quilting Day!!!

Sew, what are you doing to do to celebrate National Quilting Day?

Here's what I am doing! Pat Sloanis hosting a sew along through her blog and through her yahoo group. I have been a member of her group for about 2 years now, and we always have so much fun!

Did I hear you say you didn't know there was a National Quilting Day? Well, let me tell you how it got started.

My quilting friend, Phyllis Miller, is very active in the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society. She has been the President and the newsletter editor. She also oversees the Kentucky Quilt registry, which is a way to document quilts. This is the reason why labeling your quilts is so important for youself and generations to come!

Anway...Phyllis had this great idea to start a statewide way for quilters to get together. It was called "Quilter's Day Out". Phyllis was also a member of the National Quilting Association and thus the reason why we have National Quilting Day!

The power of women!!!! I love it!

Phyllis is a quilt book author, as well as a judge for quilt shows, teacher, and lecturer. However, this is my favorite book of hers. It is like the ulitmate handbook for designs in hand quilting. She shows you every aspect about creating hand quilting designs from straight lines to hearts and feathers. It's a great resource if you are a hand quilter, or would like to do some handquilting one day.

Yes, that's right. I live in Kentucky. Yes, I'm supposed to be with my guild, guilds in Illinois and Indiana celebrating Quilter's Day Out. I'm still recovering from my sugery, so I'm having fun celebrating with Pat Sloan, Mary Anne, Nancy, and lots of other friends in the National Quilt Day Sew-Along.

Check back later for more about the sew-along and pictures of what I am doing.

Have fun!



  1. HELLO!!! I will be getting a late start today...going to fabric store with NON-sewing sister to get fabric for her kitchen windows. Maybe I can talk her into quilted curtains???? LOL

  2. Dear Amanda,

    I truly hope you can recover faster and faster each day. I'm bookmarking your lovely blog. Have a nice National Quilting Day ! Quilting hugs, Selmy ;)

  3. Hi Amanda !

    I've got 4 things,at least, going on at once about getting sidetracked !!! I am DETERMINED to at least finish ONE sewing/quilting related project this weekend !!!....but first I think I'll go make some green cupcakes since it's St Patrick's Day weekend ....I swear I'm my own worst enemy !!

    P.S. --- thanks for the info on how Nat'l Quilt Day got started .... I was wondering where it came from!

  4. Wow!!! So you know the woman who started National Quilter's Day?!!! Tell her I said thank you :)

  5. Hi, Amanda! Enjoyed your Blog and reading the comments.

    I'm a sloanie and sewing in-between 'interruptions' today. I'm hoping to do the needlecase Pat shared later tonight or tomorrow!

    Sharen in Tampa, FL, USA

  6. I am a sloanie but had saturday morning stuff I and to get don so work some stuff late into the night. last nite a possible. Have a great Nationial Qult day.


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