Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!

The Quilting Book Lady herself, Becky, tagged me to list 7 weird or random facts about me. Thanks, Becky!!

The rules are as follows:

1. Once you have been tagged, link back to the person that tagged you!
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about you.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.

1. I have a really big head. Every one that has their picture made with me has to stand behind me so they can get their heads in the picture, too. It doesn't look that big in person, but for some reason my head takes up all the space. Maybe I need a bigger lens! Oh, well. It makes for some good laughs.

Here's Terry and me standing in the cold at the Christmas parade. See how she had to stand behind me? The first picture we shot was of my head and her eyeball!

We were at the parade because her son decorated a float for his art class in college, and because my daughter won Miss Photogenic in the Jr. Miss Teen Beauty Pagent.

Here she is with me and her dad. It was a special night because not only did she win Miss Photogenic, it was also her 14th birthday on July 14! Her favorite part about winning was to be in the Christmas parade.

My scrap baskets are so overwhelming to me that I have been known to cry about them. I'll post about that later.

3. I want to be a back up singer for a rock band when I grow up. I think that would be so much fun. No one would really be paying attention to me. I could sing, dance, and have so much fun! When I go to concerts or when I watch groups sing on talk shows or late night TV I always watch the backup singers.

4. I used to country line dance. Some friends and I were in a dance competition and won second place. For fun we went to Nashville and danced on the show, "Wildhorse Saloon" when it was on CMT. We did three shows.

5. I love to drink coffee. I drink about 2 pots a day. When I'm out to dinner, I have coffee before I eat, a diet coke while I am eating, and coffee afterwards. I drink it black, however when I go to Starbucks I order the Grande Cafe Machiatto with skim milk and 3 splendas.

6. When I was 12 for some reason I had an opossum as a pet. I named her Priscilla. She got a little mean, so dad took her to the woods where she lived happily ever after.

Now my pets are Izzie (cat) and Sookie (dog). Both of our animals we rescued. Izzie was on my neighbor's parents farm. Her dad was feeding him cornbread and bologna. Sookie (named after the cook on Gilmore Girls)was given to us by the Sisters at a Convent when I was on a sewing retreat. They were feeding her biscuits and gravy.
I love the way Izzie is modeling Christmas cat fabric that looks like him. It sort of reminds me of when Sharon was being Vanna for Mary Englebriet fabric!

7. I have a lot of Christmas quilts. Halloween comes in a close second. In 1997 I decided that every bed in my house needed a Christmas quilt. I sort of got "stuck" in that mode. I make some sort of Christmas bed sized quilt and wall hanging every year. Since my daughter has her own home now, I have given some to her. I might as well spread that quilted Christmas cheer!

This one was made a few years ago, but didn't get displayed until this past Christmas. I made a mistake in the middle of the quilt and didn't see it before I gave it to the quilter. She saw it before she quilted it, and didn't call me to come and get it. She said, "No one will notice it"! It was the first thing that my family and my quilt guild friends saw. The sad but funny part about it all is that I tried to fix the mistake by hand appliqueing a correct 4 patch on top, but I even did that wrong!!! For about 3 years I kept it stored away. My daughter was going to take the quilting out, so she had already started taking the binding off. Terry saw it, rescued it from it's hiding place, and for my birthday she fixed the mistake, re quilted that part for me, and replaced the binding. See? I told you the greatest thing is to have a best friend with a quilting machine!!

The 7 people I would like to tag are: Nancy Tammy, Cheri, Darlene, Kim, Nanette, and Libby.

We're still celebrating my bloggy birthday! Scroll down and comment on my Bloggy Birthday post! Leave a comment on that post and your name will be entered in for a really nice prize!

Let the fun begin!



  1. Love the Christmas quilt. What a great friend to take it and fix it for you.
    I've got some scrap baskets to that are overflowing, lol and I just keep adding to them.

  2. I have one of those "mistakes in the middle" quilts... I still see it when I take it out, but in the end, I fall in the "done is better that perfect" camp.

  3. It was fun learing all those thing about you! :) I love the Christmas quilt too. I think I have Izzy's long lost cousin, his name is Oreo.

  4. Thanks for sharing about yourself. I'm seriously envious of your scrap basket(S). I have a scrap basket (notice the singular!)

  5. The fun begins every time I read your blog! Love the Christmas quilt.

  6. Well you may cry over your scraps but at least the baskets you keep them in are very cute :) You have got some great random stuff!

  7. Amanda! You've posted to your blog about eight times in the last two days, I swear! ROFLOL! Thanks--I think!--for tagging me, but don't I continually post weird stuff about me? Hey, you don't even have to ask; I just tell everyone! LMAO! I actually did a "7 Things" Meme last spring and it took me eight days to tell about the seven things. People are probably still trying to recover! ROFLOL! I enjoyed reading yours, though!

  8. I wanna be in a rock band, too. I think I could manage the salt shaker thingy from the percussion section *s*


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