Monday, March 3, 2008

Julia's Big Day!

Today was Julia's Big Day for it was the day she has been awaiting for so long.

Here she is before...

and here she is afterwards with a bag of candy that she hasn't eaten since she first started orthodontic treatment 7 years ago!

Thanks to Dr. Durall, his staff, and to Julia for working hard to make her smile this gorgeous! You all did a fantastic job!


  1. I remember the day I got my braces's 20 odd years ago, but I still remember the feeling of running your tongue along the smooth surface...nothing beats it!

  2. I too remember the day I got my braces off. But I looked NOTHING like you stunning and beautiful Julia! If I knew I could look like Julia... I'd do braces all over again. What a knock out smile Julia has!!!!

    Congratulations Julia! Bust out some corn on the cob and Jugyfruits!

  3. Yay! Congrats! I, too, remember the day I got mine off! My teeth were so slippery that I couldn't manage to keep my lips anchored over them! I couldn't stop smiling...

  4. That smile is soo worth all the work.

    A beautiful smile & dd!

    Love Leanne


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