Sunday, March 2, 2008

Quiltathon Fun/Sunday Stash Busting Report

My quiltathon and stash busting report will go together this week especially since my Stash Busting mainly has to do with finishing projects.

Earlier in the week I told you that I pieced one of my grandson's First Easter quilts that should have been given to him last year. I also quilted it this week, which hurt really bad. I didn't realize how many stomach muscles I used in machine quilting! Leave it to having a hysterectomy to find this out! Starting at the beginning of the quiltathon I had both of the Easter quilts quilted, the appliques were fused on, and the binding was made.

As you can see here, I was able to applique both quilts, and bind them. I even made the labels!

I also told you that I was going to make 6 blocks for my Road to Paducah (also known as Paducah Nine-Patch from Nickel Quilts).

Once I got started, it was hard to quit. I made 12 blocks!

Now, while we're talking about this quilt I have made an executive decision about something. I really wanted this quilt to be queen. My bed is a queen, and I think it would look so pretty on my bed. However, not every quilt gets to be on my bed! This may be one of them. My executive decision as of this moment on March 2, 2008 is that this quilt does not have to be a queen. It can be a full size and I would be happy. (Disclaimer: Since I am the executive person/quilter/queen herself, I can change my mind if deemed necessary!)

I took a break from sewing, quilting, appliqueing, and thinking philosophically about sizes of quilts and came downstairs to eat lunch that my husband cooked. Then I went to the computer to see how everyone was doing on the quiltathon. I then went to visit with some of my favorite places and came to Kim's blog. She has made this adorable tulip quilt that she first saw at Sharon's blog. Kim has given a great tutorial on how to make this quilt. So, I decided to draw it out so I could make one, too! I just love the bunny, and Pat Sloan is always encouraging us to put words on our quilts. It's adorable, or maybe it's, as Project Runway designer Christian would say "fierce"!

I went back upstairs, and my son was vacuuming my sewing room for me! How sweet! Sometimes you just have to take a little break and get things neat again.

This quilt was a mystery quilt that my Quilt Guild had last year. For some odd reason I got it finished and quilted, but it has laid there for a year with no binding. Why do I do that??? Lisa, can I borrow your quilt psychiatrist? I'm sure he/she will find that I have real issues!

I am happy with what I accomplished during the quiltathon. Thanks, Judy!

Take care!



  1. Hi Amanda ! I'm here to say "WOW" on how much you accomplished during the Quiltathon !! ...... and to apologize for not participating like I had planned......I ended up getting home too late on Saturday PM , then had to play "catch up " all day yesterday .... so..... when's the next one?!?

  2. The next quiltathon is on Tuesday, March 18. Pat Sloan is hosting a quilting retreat on National Quilting Day, Saturday, March 15. Looks like we will all be doing a lot of sewing!


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