Sunday, March 16, 2008

We're Still Celebrating!

We're still celebrating National Quilting Day with our weekend sew-along with Pat Sloan.

This morning Pat asked us what our last project was that we finished. I finished this small rabbit wallhanging. I also made the carrots, thanks to Kim's tutorial. They look so real!

I finished two Easter quilts I made for my youngest two grandsons here The pattern, "Bunny Hop", can either be found on the Fons and Porter website (click on patterns) or in the 2003 March/April edition of For the Love of Quilting magazine.

Back to sewing!!!


  1. i love your blog!! You made me laugh so hard especially the other day with the sprts car thing! i came out a a porsche 911! Dh said it fits! He came out as a Mazda rx-8. Pat has given u sucha great group of pple and getting to know each other has been such fun!
    Mary in H.Va

  2. Hi Amanda !

    Your bunny wall hanging is the cutest thing !! .... and those CARROTS !! I'm zipping over to print out the tutorial right now!

  3. Hi Amanda, I love the bunny hanging, it's adorable!!! Barb from

  4. Amanda, I thought you had put REAL carrots by the bunny wall hanging for perspective...had to relook when you said you made them! Thanks for the link.

  5. I just found your blog and love it!

    The bunny wall hanging is fabulous!


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