Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Paducah...Here I Come!

Tomorrow 5 of my friends and myself are leaving for a three day trip to Paducah. Terry, Julie, and I always go for a day because we live so close by. However, this year we were asked my three other ladies to join in on the fun with them. We're so excited!!

I finally finished their "treat bags" (today). I filled them with chocolates, "On the Go" packets to put in their water, and some crackers for when they get that "sinking spell" around 2:00 when it's too early to eat dinner, but lunch is wearing off. I may find some fat quarters to put in them, too, but I wanted to wait until I get to Paducah to buy those. I think some ME fabrics would be cute.

Thanks for all the concern about the recent earthquakes we have been having. Another happened during the night on Sunday night, but no damage. We have felt aftershocks ever since the bigger one on Friday, and there have been some that we didn't feel, but still registered.

It's funny, but everyone has a "where were you when the earthquake happened" experience to tell about. Most people were in a deep sleep like me. It's crazy what people do when they are awakened and terrified. One of my son's friends ran into the hallway of his home. His mom ran into the hallway, too, but she was topless!! One of my friends said her neighbor came running out in her underwear.

Here's a little bit of background information about our area. Tornadoes lurk in my neighborhood more than I would like to think about. I live very close to the river, and tornadoes love the river. We had a large one (F4)in 2000 where it damaged a lot of homes and businesses. Although it didn't hit my house, it did skip over the dance studio where my 4 year old daughter was and flattened the cemetery and it's beautiful huge trees that were behind the studio. In 2005 a large one hit in a little town just across the river in Indiana. This past October one hit right outside of my neighborhood. I am always amazed at how soon the TV crews get to the neighborhoods that are damaged. What's even more amazing is how well put together (clothes wise) people are who have just lost everything. Did they sleep in their clothes? If one hit my house during the middle of the night everyone would either see my flannel pj's with coffee cups all over them or my hot pink snowflake ones.

With that in mind, and since the earthquake did happen during the middle of the night, I decided to lay my clothes out, just in case. I found out later that I wasn't the only person who had this idea.

Saturday afternoon I went to my neighbors wedding shower. I didn't know anyone there other than my neighbor and her mom. I was talking to the several of the women there and we started talking about the earthquake. One lady said she laid her clothes out. I started laughing because I thought I was the only one who laid her clothes out. Then she said she has been known to sleep in her clothes when there is a chance that a tornado may come during the night while we're sleeping. I started laughing harder because I knew where she was going with this. She's like me...she doesn't want to be caught in her pj's when the TV crew comes and interviews her. Then she said that she also doesn't want to say "It sounded like a freight train coming through" because that's what everybody says in their state of shock.

I was thinking about that later; what would I say? Would I say it sounded like a herd of elephants or would I say it sounded like my Juki on full speed at 1500 stitches per minute. I know me. I would be in such a state of shock that I would be standing there in my flannel pj's saying that it sounded like a freight train.

I was telling my friend, Jennifer, about my conversation with the lady who sleeps in her clothes. Jennifer says she does, too, but she also sleeps with her purse strap around her neck in case a tornado comes, blows her away, and "they" have to identify her. lol I guess this goes to show that we really are afraid of bad weather, but it is funny to talk about what we do to be prepared. Bless the hearts of those who have experienced these things.

I thought you might like to see what's on my design wall.

I saw the quilt on the front cover of this magazine last spring. The first quilt I fell in love with (that wasn't handmade by my grandmother or Steve's relatives) I saw in a kitchen shop. It was gorgeous with flower pots and flowers.

The quilt is called Spring Loaded and it is a "Quilt Soup" pattern. The fabrics are Lakehouse Drygoods by Holly Holderman. I love "Quilt Soup" patterns and I drool over fabrics by Holly.

I know I will have fun in Paducah, but I don't really need anything. Judy Laquidara says that she and I will have to meet in the parking lot every night and have confession! I hope not, but it will be good to see her.


  1. Ha ha...we too have a lot of tornado watches and warnings, so I also sleep in my clothes and when told to take cover (get in the bathroom!), I stick my cell phone in my pocket and tuck the dog under my arm and sit in the tub until it's over!

    By the way...I love your music...mmmm Michael Buble'!

  2. I am leaving tomorrow also....but will only be there for the day.

  3. I am always so grateful to not live where tornadoes and hurricanes occur - we have earthquakes, though. There is a good earthquake kit in the garage and in each car. I keep shoes by my bed . . . just in case *s*

    Have a great time at the show and take tons and tons of pictures for us far away gals *s*

  4. Have a wonderful time! I know what you mean about tornadoes. Kansas is tornado central. It always surprises me how many folks around here ignore warnings. Not me! I'm a huddle in the basement girl.

  5. Ohhh, I know you'll have fun in Paducah! Love the Spring Loaded on your design wall. So very cute.

  6. Love your new spring quilt. Enjoy the show, can't wait to read all about it. How special are the 'treat' bags!

  7. cracking up about the tv crew and you in your jammies! I so relate.

    Love the flower pot quilt and I am jealous much about Paducah and not being a recipient of one of your awesome goody bags!!

  8. No tornados here, but I grew up in San Jose, land of EARTHQUAKES! (They even had a professional soccer team with the same name.) For several years, I worked on the 13th and 14th floors of a building that was built to sway during earthquakes, and I can tell you that was a really weird feeling! Even though I was fairly used to earthquakes, I was glad to move to Sacramento where we don't really have any--knock on wood! Glad everything's fine with you. Have a wonderful time in Paducah!

  9. Amanda, the 'Spring loaded' is awesome! Love it, love it! Have a great time in Paducah. Remember when you and Pat meet in the parking lot that 'confession is good for the soul'. Besides you gotta tell for your stash report!

  10. Yummm, goodie bags. Yours are darling. Have fun in Paducah. I'll be interested to see in what you bring home. Your quilt on the design board is lovely, too by the way.

  11. YIKES !!! earthquakes!! I went through a couple of them when we lived in southern California .... and I did NOT appreciate it!!!Glad to hear you and your gang are OK!! (but tornadoes !!!!! I think that would be SCARIER !!) .... oh, and I think you'd look pretty snazzy if they interviewed your stunned self in your cute PJ's !!! (Just think about those people who prefer to sleep in the BUFF!)

    Anyhow ..... have a GREAT time in Paducah !!! Can't wait to see your lack of self control re: all the stuff you buy but didn't really need!!HA!

    ....AND LOVE that CUTE, CUTE quilt you're working on!

  12. Cute gift bags! I didn't realize they made the on-the-go packets in peach tea...that's my favorite flavor! I love the quilt on your design wall!

  13. What cute little treat bags you made for all your friends. So nice! I hope you had a fun time.

    And that Spring Loaded quilt is adorable!

    So funny about the freight train comment.

    Looking forward to hearing about Paducah. :)

  14. I love that quilt on your design wall. So bright and happy. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had fun in Paducah.

  15. How was Paducah? I love what's on your design wall....very cute!
    Peggy in NJ

  16. I hope you post some pictures of Paducah. You're fortunate it is within driving distance. My friend and I alwasy do an overnighter when we go to the Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara. When she retires I told her we are treating ourselves to a trip to Paducah!!! We'll have to drive, though, as I don't think I could get all my purchases in my one suitcase they let you have now. Course, I could just bring one outfit and be known as the Messy Californian!

    Have a great time.

  17. Hi Amanda, I love your blog! I can't wait to hear about your Paducah Experience. I went to Paducah for 19 years in a row but haven't gone in a couple of years now so live vicariously through the blogs! Been listening to your blog all morning, thank you!

  18. Beautiful goody bags! Such a welcome surprise for traveling friends. Never been to Paducah, but it's on my list.

    The Quiltwhinny



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